Complete nutritious diet Caffeine added to soilent, a breakfast type new flavor "Coffiest" appeared

A complete nutritional diet "Sirerent" that can take all the nutrients necessary for the body just by drinking was developed inspired by the life of a busy Silicon Valley programmer who does not have time to eat properly. Soilent is an ideal meal form for those who are not particular about eating that they can have a healthy meal without thinking about a menu. On the other hand, if you eat only the same taste of soilent everyday, you may get bored, but a coffee taste soilent that you can ingest the necessary nutrients simply by drinking instead of breakfast "Coffiest"Has appeared.

Soylent Blog - Be a Breakfast Pioneer with Coffiest

Coffiest is a bottle-type "Soylent Drink 2.0"Is a coffee flavor of coffee flavor containing 150 mg of caffeine equivalent to 2 ounces (about 236 ml) of cup coffee. The energy per piece is 400 kcal, and 20% of the necessary amount of vitamins, minerals, lipids, carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients are contained in the day. The breakdown of calories is 47% lipid, 33% carbohydrate, 20% protein.

I heard that "a solid breakfast will be in good condition for the day", but many of the busy people tend to skip breakfast. With Coffiest you can quickly take out the nutrients that your body needs, just by drinking it out of the refrigerator and you can start activities as quickly as after drinking coffee.

In addition, Sorrent also plans to release a solid type "Sirent bars". One energy is 250 kcal, and if you eat it as snacks or snacks you can take plenty of nutrition. If the complete dietary soil, coffee flavor Coffiest, solid type soil bars are line up, it may be that eating habits will continue even with soleent alone.

Although you can only purchase Soilent products in the US and Canada, Coffiest is sold for $ 39 (about 4000 yen) in 12 bottles of 1 case, and a discount of 37.05 dollars (about 3800 yen) for every monthly subscription Purchased at price. Currently it deals only with official shops, but in the near futureAmazon.comHowever, selling of soil products will be started. - All products

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