Lego with a motif of a woman whose name was left in the history of NASA, such as a person active in the Apollo program and an astronaut

Lego Ideas, which Lego company is really considering commercialization if we got a certain number of votes by proposing the products that we would like to make with LEGO, the LEGO mini with motifs of five women active at NASA Figures "Women of NASA"Has achieved 10,000 votes, and commercialization is now being considered.

LEGO Ideas - Women of NASA

Planning LEGO named "Women of NASA" was a user named 20 tauri, the plan was proposed to LEGO Ideas on July 18, 2016, finally achieved 10,000 votes on August 2, 2016, and LEGO We have entered the stage of commercialization review by the company. 20 tauri took an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the days when women were hard to acceptSTEMIt seems that there was a desire to express respect for women's contribution in the field of

A mini figure with five women motif in 'Women of NASA'. Below is Margaret Hamilton, a computer scientist who worked at MIT under contract with NASA in the 1960s. Mr. HamiltonApollo planHe developed a flight software at.

Mathematician and space scientist Catherine Johnson engaged in NASA as a researcher, for the first time humanity got off to the moonApollo 11Apollo plan andMercury PlanIt is a person who was responsible for orbital calculation and its verification.

Mr. Sally Ride standing on the left with a space shuttle in between and Mayy Jemison on the right. Mr. Ride, an astronaut, physicist and educator, became the first American female astronaut in 1983, and after retiring from NASA's astronaut, education to convey science to girls, especially among girls We are a company specializing in the company, and contribute to nurturing young talent. Mr. Jemison became the first astronaut in the African American in 1992 and after retirement, he launched a company that teaches science to children as well as Mr. Ride and develops new technology.

Nancy Grace · Roman, who became the first NASA executive astronaut and astronaut. It is said to be "the mother of the Hubble Space Telescope" because it played an important role in the establishment of the Hubble Space Telescope and is also known for developing NASA's astronomy research program.

Mini figures with five women motifs come with a kit that reproduces the scenes that each played an active part. In addition, from September we will start to consider the commercialization by LEGO.

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