"Poké Level" which automatically calculates the time & acquisition experience value taken for "Poppo marathon" which raises trainer level of Pokemon GO in one stroke

A game for smart phones that boasts explosive popularity around the world "Pokemon GO (Pokémon GO)"If you enter the number of pokemon's pokemon and pokemon's hands, you can calculate how much experience you can earn by taking a couple of times to evolve all of them, calculator that will compute"Poké Level"Has appeared.

Poké Level | The Fastest Way to Level in Pokémon Go

Pokemon GO can get experience values ​​in various situations, such as getting Pokemon, visiting Pocket Stop and fighting the gym. Gathering this experience gains the player's trainer level and along with it will also increase the CP (Pokemon's strength) upper limit on hands, so you can grow strong Pokemon or play active in the gym game It is also essential not only to raise Pokemon but also to raise trainer level.

The way to raise this trainer level efficiently is to evolve Pokemon with "Shiawase Tamago" that doubles the experience value obtained for 30 minutes "Poppo marathonHow to say. Yuen called "Poppo marathon" is the most frequently appearing Pokemon is Poppo and the number of "Poppo's America" ​​necessary to evolve Poppo is 12, which is the smallest category, so capture in large quantities It is easy to evolve and evolve.

When doing this "Poppo marathon" with handheld Pokemon, it is the service "Poké Level" that calculates automatically how much the acquired experience value will take.

At the top of the screen is a Pokemon icon and a button with a number written below "Filter by Candy".

This shows the number of Pokémon's creatures necessary for evolution, and if you select only "12", Caterpie, Beadle, and Poppo are displayed on the screen from the left.

If you select only "25", Pokemon's evolutionary pokemon will be displayed if there are 25 Pokémon creatures.

Currently, there seems to be the most Pokemon evolving with 50 Pokémon's rice.

In addition, it is a Pokemon that evolves with 100 Pokémon's rice.

And to evolve you need the most Pokemon's cheeks, you can filter Pokemon that displays on the top of the screen, such as cooking ......

Of course you can select multiple filters.

Clicking the Pokemon icon on the screen will add a text box at the bottom. In the case of the following images, the text boxes displayed are those of Caterpie, Poppo, Collata from the top.

In the text box for the top catapy, enter "the number of the chef's cheap on hand (left)" and "the number of caterpillars on hand (right)". Then, when using them at the bottom of the screen, how many Caterpies can be evolved (Evolutions), the time taken to evolve (Time), and the acquired experience value (XP) when you evolve using Happy Egg It shows. Happyness Egg will continue for 30 minutes, so in the 6 minutes "20% of characters are displayed" at the bottom of the screen because "Only 20% of happy eggs are used!"

Next, enter the number of poppo on hand and the number of pots of poppo. Then, it is as follows. Only 403 pots of Poppo can evolve 33 poppies, but by changing Pigeon 36 which was evolved to "Doctor" to 36 Poppo's America, it will make three more Poppies to Pigeon It is possible to evolve. Before using eggs of eggs, 5 bodys of Poppo on hand are transferred to "Doctor" beforehand and changed to 5 pieces of Poppo's America, so that a total of 37 body poppo can be evolved into Pigeon, Calculation. The superior point of "Poké Level" is that "How many hand-held Pokemon can be changed to Amea before using Happy Tamago?" Is displayed in the "Transfers" part.

In addition, if the lower cage becomes 100%, it means that Pokemon and Pokemon's paws of Pokemon and Pokemon have accumulated on hand just enough to get experience values ​​efficiently using happy eggs.

"I thought about doing a Poppo marathon, is it a service that is perfect for when you have enough Pokemon and amenities on hand?"

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