Official Facebook announces new information about the legendary Pokemon of "Pokemon GO" and the battery saving mode restoration of iOS version

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New information on smartphone game "Pokémon GO (Pokemon GO)" which is gaining popularity all over the world, battery saving mode of iOS version application, and new legendary Pokemon announced on official Facebook of Pokémon GO It is being done.

Trainers, We are excited to share a few more details with you regarding Pokémon GO: - Central and South America - ....

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Pokémon GO Official In a post titled "To the trainers" on Facebook, it is mentioned at the beginning that Pokémon GO was officially launched in Latin American countries such as Brazil and Chile. It is written that "I am extremely excited to be able to offer Pokémon GO to Latin American Pokemon fans, tourists, and athletes who participate in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics."

On iOS version Pokémon GO, the "battery saver" function that reduces battery consumption has been deleted with ver1.1.0 update delivered on July 30, 2016. However, since Pokémon GO consumes a lot of batteries during playing, Niantic said he received numerous feedback from users about the battery saver function disappeared. Niantic explained that "There was a bug in the battery saving function for some users" as a reason for deleting the battery saver, and it is scheduled to deliver the update version within a few days after fixing this bug Thing.

Also, a legendary Pokemon "freezer" appeared at places not intended by Niantic, causing a bug that trainers caught. Currently with the cooperation of the trainer, the freezer is removed from the trainer's hand-held Pokemon and returned to the nest.

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Niantic wrote, "We are improving a lot of other bugs in addition to the above," but explained, "First of all, expanding the distribution area so that you can enjoy Pokémon GO around the world is a priority."

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