While the number of people trying to hack by sending electric current to the brain is rapidly increasing, scientists alarm bells

With the development of science and technology and the Internet, it is now possible to DIY electronic devices by themselves or to check various state-of-the-art research results from PCs. Scientists are warning alarm bells for people who have made headgear to flow current to the brain, who has come up with such an era, and who does mimicry of cutting-edge brain science experiments.

Scientists: do not zap your brain with a DIY brain stimulator you built a 9-volt battery - Vox

It stimulates cranial nerves by flowing a weak direct current to the head "TDCS(Transcranial direct current stimulation)Wake up effectYaImprove cognitive abilities, It is said that it also leads to relief of symptoms such as improvement of memory ability and learning ability, depression and others. Many appliances applying this idea of ​​"flowing current in the brain" are on the market, and the headset for gamers "Foc."And a headband that will guide you to see lucid dreams"LUCI"There are many kinds of them, such as. There are many people who focus on tDCS and the effect obtained by it, and furthermore, it is possible to purchase a headset that allows current to flow to the brain relatively easily, so the awesome challenger of "making your own DCS and repeating experiments in your brain" It is increasing on the Internet.

An attempt to hack my brain with DIY to increase brain performance - GIGAZINE

Actually, there are many people who create and experiment tDCS at home, and their processes and impressions are published many times on YouTube, Reddit and others. And it is clear that such movies are becoming hotbeds to create the next reckless challenger.

I Zapped My Brian With tDCS and LIVED! - YouTube

In many cases, however, such people are making their own tDCS using cheap parts purchased at electronic tool stores. In reckless experiments using tDCS, most of the researchers are worried about this situation, as most of the subjects are going without knowledge of tDCS and cranial nerves.

Annals of NeurologyThirty-nine scientists who are conducting research on the effect of tDCS in the scientific journal "There are several risks such as complications caused by skin burns and electrical equipment breakdown, It is not yet clear what kind of problems other problems will occur, "he says, and there are still many unknown parts in the brain interference using tDCS.

Initial research results using tDCS had few samples and many tended to exaggerate the result "tDCS effect". However, some researchers claim that tDCS has no effect on the brain. In addition, such people insist that "tDCS is not meaningful", but insist that "there is insufficient scientific power to support experiments making full use of tDCS." Michael Fox, a brain stimulus researcher at Harvard University, pointed out exactly what is missing, and the following five points are roughly divided into missing parts.

1:It is unknown how electricity acts on the brain and how deeply it affects
2:Since the influence of electrical stimulation on the brain depends greatly on the activity of the brain of the subject to be tested
3:By strengthening certain brain functions, another brain function may be hurt
Four:It is feared that people who experiment independently using tDCS will give strong stimulation to the brain. Also, strong stimulation does not necessarily produce a strong effect
Five:Although not well understood yet, there are individual differences in the difference in effect by tDCS

The five points pointed out by Mr. Fox are important points to be familiar with "People who repeat brain hacking independently using tDCS". It is not uncommon that effects as reported as research results always appear and almost no common points are seen. There is, of course, the possibility that tDCS improves cognitive ability and learning ability, but with the power of present science, we can not fully prove them.

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