"Pokémon GO (Pokémon GO) needs to walk 10 km to hatch eggs" cheat method formulated to avoid the problem

Showing popularity of anger from the release is a game to get Pokemon in the real world "Pokémon GO". In this Pokémon GO, it is necessary to travel 10 km / hr at the speed of 10 km / h to hatch eggs of Pokemon, so manyscreamThere is a person who devised a clever cheat method to avoid this, has become a hot topic on the net.

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Pokémon GO is a smartphone exclusive game making full use of location information. It is an application that makes it possible to become a truly Pokemon trainer that you walk around the real city with a smartphone and get a Pokémon with a monster ball when you find a Pokemon. In addition to getting Pokemon, Pokémon GO also needs to walk around the real world with the user's own feet to obtain items that can be used in the game and to hatch the eggs of Pokemon, but somehow A user who wants to avoid and "I want to play Pokémon GO without labor" devised and executed a bold work.

We use Android terminal and DJI's drone.

In order to check the screen of the smartphone,AirDroid"We use an application called" Mirroring smartphone video on PC screen ".

Then, attaching the smartphone to the drones, skipping it and earning the travel distance.

Pokémon GO needs to move 10 km to hatch eggs of Pokemon. It is measured based on GPS and "It is programmed not to detect movement by car or train". As to how to distinguish between the movement by car and train and the movement by walk, seems to be judged from "How fast is the smartphone traveling at a time?", And when the speed exceeds 10 km / h, the movement distance count is invalidated Pattern. However, using a drone makes it possible to move a smartphone at about the same speed as a human's walking speed, so this cheat has become a topic as "a practically usable cheat".

Popular overseas social bulletin boardRedditWhen this cheat was introduced, "This is like a way the rocket team catches Pokemon"commentHave gathered high praise.

In addition, it seems that many users feel troublesome in that "it is necessary to walk 10 km with smartphone"ClassifiedsThe largest community siteCraigslistOn the above, Pokémon GO'sAccount salesYaLevel up proxyIs being recruited. Pokemon GO's paw walking service "pokewalk" appeared focusing on such a situation. The mechanism is simple, and employees of pokewalk have smartphones on their behalf and walk a designated distance. The price is 10 dollars (about 1000 yen) at 2 km, $ 15 (about 1500 yen) at 5 km, and $ 20 (about 2,000 yen) at 10 km.


In Japan, too, "It is troublesome to move 10 km to hatch eggs", so we thought about a way to put smartphones on the Plarail ... ...

【Quick News】 Eggs do not hatch if they do not move 10 kilometers in real The Pokemon GO I do not want to walk because I do not want to walk wwwwwwwwwwww: Ashameda

Since we used GPS, the conclusion that pliers were unreliable ... ... was out.

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