Transmission of a square cylinder to a mirror for some reason a strange visual trick that looks like a cylinder "Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion"

The object in front of me is supposed to be rectangular parallelepiped, but there is a mysterious three-dimensional movie called "cylinder" that is reflected in the mirror "Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion"Is published on YouTube. The movie is released on Wednesday, June 29, 2016, and it is already popular enough to be played over 2.1 million times before it's been a week.

Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion - YouTube

A set of green with one mirror placed.

Here, objects with rectangular parallelepipeds will arrive, but if you see what is reflected in the mirror, it is mysterious that somehow cylinders are connected.

As you move the object, what you see in the mirror also changes its appearance.

And ...

The rectangular parallelepiped and the cylinder were exchanged, and this time, the one with a series of cylinders in front, the one with the rectangular parallelepiped in the mirror was photographed.


More and more objects will go on.

Objects of truth are completely different from those of mirrors reflected in the mirror.

How does this work? You can check it from the following movie.

Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion // How it Works - YouTube

Again, as before, the one in front is a rectangular parallelepiped, but the one in the mirror is a cylinder.

Changing the angle of the mirror, I got something like a hint.

It seems that it is seed. When you rotate the object, it looks like a cylinder depending on the angle, and it looks like a cube.

Looking from the top like this. It is a rectangle with a slightly rounded corner.

When viewed from the side, the cross section is like a wave, and the pointed part of the mountain ... ...

There is a recessed part.

By rotating it, it was possible to show it to a square or show it to a circle.

This illusion is from the University of Tokyo emeritus professorAtsushi SugiharaWhat Mr. announced. The movie "Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion" has won the 2nd place in the 12th Best Illusion Contest held from 29th to 30th June 2016. These solids are "Transformation solidMr. Sugihara announces various transformation solids besides this.

Kokichi Sugihara's Homepage (Japanese)

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