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From Thursday, July 7 th, 2016 to Sep. 11 th (Sunday), at Roppongi Hills Observatory Tokyo City View "Ghibli's major exposition - From Nausicaa to the latest work "Red Turtle" ~Will be held. The admission fee was originally set at 2,300 yen, but the producer Tsuyoshi Suzuki of Studio Ghibli considered "I want more people to come", and it was reduced to 1,800 yen same as the movie just before the opening of the event .

Ghibli's big exposition ~ From Nausicaa to the latest work "Red Turtle" ~ / Official website:

To celebrate the Great Exposition, "Megumi (Snake) (Hebi Kara)" of Mushi that appears in "Nausicaa" from the "Takeya style freestyle disposable" series will appear as a movable figure, and Ghibli's Great Exhibition It is decided that it will be released limited edition in advance.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

"Life Inside The Kowloon Walled City" depicting the life in Kowloon Castle, one of the world's biggest giant slums that existed in Hong Kong - GIGAZINE

"Graffiti on blackboard" 100 years ago is discovered from under the school's blackboard - GIGAZINE

Prohibition of free shipping on online bookstores to protect the bookstore in the city Known "Anti Amazon Law" Finally Passed - GIGAZINE

Four kinds of cheese and fried garlic try to eat 'Garlic Quattro cheese' appetizing - GIGAZINE

"Windows 8.1 preview version" was released so I installed it - GIGAZINE

The strongest commercial car ever in the history that is not destroyed even with plastic bombs "Maroder" - GIGAZINE

A baby left behind by a drunken mother, a guardian protected by a dog - GIGAZINE

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I'm letting ant now war: philosophy news nwk

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Mammals found by elementary school student 120 million years ago | NHK News

Cervical cancer vaccine study Nagoya City effectively withdrew results | NHK News

Whether the pain and memory loss of the body after vaccination of the cervical cancer vaccine is due to the vaccine or not, the Nagoya city which conducted the large-scale survey for the first time in the whole country, and the group not vaccinated with the vaccine In fact it withdrew the analysis result that there was no difference in symptoms, and it turned out that it is a policy not to analyze data in the future.

Egyptian Cat Mummy, Succeeded with New X-Ray Technology | National Geographic Japan Edition Site

The 5th Elephant Sleep, Mouse Sleep | National Geographic Japan Edition Site

What happened to the asteroid crash "Dinosaur extinction day" | National Geographic Japan version site

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Discovery of a number of problems in the procedure of election of officers of the Senri high school flying party | INS-MAGAZINE.ORG

EU "Britain should withdraw as soon as possible", Joint Statement to disqualify 3 pictures International News: AFPBB News

The meaning of withdrawal Do not understand vote? Search in the UK after winning 1st place: International: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Google's Internet search leader said on Wednesday that after the EU detachment victory in the UK referendum, the related keywords with the highest number of searches in the UK are "What does EU withdrawal mean?", 2 The third clarified that "What is EU?"

Signed petitions calling over nation referendum over UK 2 million | NHK News

Heat stroke in an event running while eating watermelon or seven people carrying one person's body | NHK News

Former Prime Minister Hatoyama aims to cut AIIB adviser = China, Japan and the United States: current affairs dot com

Japan is going to join the AIIB with the United States, and China is likely to aim to break Japan and the US by welcoming the Japanese prime minister.

"Defense spending is a budget to kill people" Community · Fujino policy chairperson was NHK and another party party recommended the cancellation of remarks ... - Sankei news

China announced "stop the communication mechanism with Taiwan" | NHK News

The Chinese government said the Taiwanese president Tsai Inumi, who assumed office last month, stopped the communication mechanism between the authorities of the Nakadai because the Chinese continent and Taiwan did not confirm the idea that it belonged to one China Announced.

CNN.co.jp: Iraqi army declares Fallujah recaptured Citizen's plight continues - (1/2)

CNN.co.jp: petition requesting re-voting is 2 million, deliberation by parliament EU withdrawal

CNN.co.jp: Next time "Regrexit", EU withdrawal "regret"

CNN.co.jp: Foreign Ministers of the EU's six member countries agreed, urgent procedure for withdrawal from UK - (1/2)

Monkeys damage: mass captures by ICT One of the nation's leading victims of the prefecture's efforts - Mainichi Newspapers

Illegal access allegation: Information leakage of tens of thousands or rebuilding of a 17-year-old boy - Mainichi Newspaper

EU departure from the UK: The voice of executive "voting regrets" acknowledging pledge "lies" - Mainichi Newspaper

Tokyo shares, 15,000 yen recovery = UK shock somewhat calm - yen is 1 dollar · 101 yen level: current affairs dot com

Nikkei average, even with rebound can not be guarded warning signs: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

[Editorial] What the UK should have declared independence - WSJ

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Forum: Hunting attraction, lecture at Okayama University / Okayama - Mainichi Newspapers

Yamagata hunter increased for the first time in 37 years ... in manga and budokan society PR: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

"Hunting girls" Hatakeyama Lecture at junior high school of local Itoshima [Fukuoka Prefecture] - West Japan newspaper

Wild boar: dismantling, edible for after migration to Itoshima after the Great East Japan Earthquake "Hunting girls" Hatakeyama, lecture in Fukuyoshi / Fukuoka - Mainichi Newspaper

"Hunting is a growing industry" Emigrants themselves work and they are working on models of Satoyama life (2016/6/21)

【Tokushima】 I participated in the drone × measures against wildlife damage × idea son! - Mitomine farm

I encountered a shoplifter when I bought Azuki bar. Results of fighting with the Azuki bar as it hits me - Togetter Summary

Azuki bar sampling event will be held | News Release | Imuraya Co., Ltd.

Super-comfortable pants "LASHEVAN" to separate "Sao" and "Tama" are overpriced so we bought them together | Men's Hack

I tried to verbalize as much as possible about the way and tips of "meditation" which is hard to explain to people [Keisuke Shinguke] - life is SelfQuest

Stress relief method that is easy to practice, coping and mindfulness - a note of orangestar

I asked 300 loft users, "Loft" useful? I do not need? | Journal - Residential / living news · Column site

Is yoga "can you lose weight" true? - WSJ

CNN.co.jp: Customer satisfaction survey of fast food restaurants in the US, the leader? - (1/2)

【Trend Japan】 Lasik surgery to correct eyesight was drastically reduced! One tenth of the peak time I looked into the truth ... (1/3 page) - Sankei News

Sento, Zenzai, egg sand ... Is this so different in the east west? Comparison book is popular - with news (with news)

Is it a gender discrimination to call a receiving tool "female"?

Works of ancient Greece brought together the Tokyo National Museum | NHK News

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UQ start femtocell early acceptance! | UQ WiMAX | ultra high speed mobile internet WiMAX 2 +

Since the garbage that I am buying at sentences at Lancers is in the blog, I will beat up with all my power - no gains to get today Z

I chose 8 Excel functions that dramatically improve productivity - Outward Matrix

Gather from programming courses in the browser! : IT bulletin

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Dragon Quest Masterpiece Exploration Part 3 Dragon Quest II Demon Gods (FC Version) - Yukibou's Hideout on Hatena

Okamoto Mitsuru "There are few mobile phones in my cartoon." Reason - Togetter Summary

YuruYuri official account opened midnight, using a lot of J words etc → Edit chief "Person in charge was dismissed" - Togetter Summary

SFV: Balrog Reveal Trailer - YouTube

Exclusive Battlefield 1 Class Customization Gameplay | All Details - YouTube

PS 4 "Idol Master Platinum Stars" Character PV - Iori Mizume - YouTube

【Exclusive coverage】 E3 sponsored representative Michael Gallagher talks about the game industry now | Game * Spark - Domestic and overseas game information site


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Messi declared Argentina national retirement 'What I've decided already, it's over' - Goal.com

Kissmai Miyata, ordered from "Oota active self-control" from the office - Johnny's: Nikkan Sports

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Notice of new release of "Maru-chan noodle cup black oku oil pig bone" | News Release | Corporate Information | Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.

News Releases | Corporate Information | Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.

PABLO mini Notice of Whity Umeda Open Event <7/1 (Friday) ~ 7/3 (Sunday)> Cheesecake Revolution! Freshly baked cheese tart specialty store PABLO (Pablo)

"Hayashi Rice" July 1st (Friday) Limited new release! | What's New | Yaoyui

Official menu not on the menu "Giant Sub" │ New information on subway │ Press release │ Delicious! Hang on. Vegetable subway official website

"Cup Noodle Light Plus Ajisan Somen / Tomato Somen" (released June 27) | Nissin Food Group

"Authentic coffee jelly" exquisite "sweetness of custard vanilla sauce" is involved! "Coffee Jelly & Creamy Vanilla Frappuccino®" is released! Starbucks Coffee Japan

"Twigs" deliciously baked! It is! "Grilled twigs" that can not defeat the heat of summer with grilled chocolate technology New release on July 5 (Tuesday)! | 2016 | News Releases | Morinaga

【6/29 (Wednesday)】 Meat Day campaign held ★ | Legendary Sota Bon dealer / specialty dish shop 【Official site】

Hot new menu that feels perfect for hot summer has appeared Eggs 'n Things "Hot Summer!" Ono "Summer!" ~ 5 items including Summer Limited Menu arranged with popular garlic shrimp in Hawaii ~ | Eggs' n Things

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