One-seat microplane "e-Go" finally debuts at home garage

Ultra-compact single-passenger plane born in the UK that can be stored in the garage at home where the car enters without requiring a large hangar "E-goIt debuted at last after about 10 years from the concept.

E-Go Aeroplanes - Welcome e-Go Aeroplanes

Personal Plane Fits in Your Garage

E-Go is an aircraft with feathers on an aircraft shaped like an egg, and it seems like a lightweight appearance as you see it. What is distinctive in appearance is usually the tail wing located in the nose portion behind the main wingFront wing styleWhere they are adopting.

From the side, you can see the compactness of the aircraft well. The total length of the aircraft is 3.79 meters, the total height is 1.8 meters. The distance between the ends of the wing (wingspan) is 7.99 meters, but since the wings can be removed, it is designed to fit very compactly when stored. The weight of the aircraft is 139 kg, which shows that it is finished very lightweight.

Pilot's weight corresponds to 60 kg to 110 kg, cargo can be loaded up to 15 kg. The cockpit is covered with a transparent canopy, just like a pilot of a fighter.

The maximum takeoff weight including the weight of the aircraft is 270 kg, and the cruise speed is set to 90 knots (about 167 km / h). By the way, this aircraft is in the UK "Micro light planeIt is said that it is classified as ".

The maximum flight distance when flying at a cruising speed of 90 knots is 330 miles (about 530 km), so if you fill up the tank, you will be able to handle the flight from Tokyo to Osaka with plenty of time. It is also possible to select a tank capacity of 30 liters as an option and a tank of 40 liters as an option, and the fuel can be a regular regular gasoline for fuel.

The view from the cockpit covered with a canopy in a single seat is such a feeling, the mood is exactly like a fighter ride or a pilot of an air race. In the movie of the latter half of the article, you can see how it is really doing intense move like a fighter aircraft.

Although it seems to be an electric airplane without thinking from the name "e-Go", in fact, it is equipped with an engine that uses gasoline.Rotron AeroThe Wankel engine made byRotary engineWe are driving three propellers with a diameter of 1.2 meters. As a result, in addition to being able to mount a lightweight and compact engine, it is said that features with very low vibration are features, and fatigue during flight is likely to be alleviated. In addition, there seems to be merit that the image quality of machine mounted camera improves.

The appearance of e-Go actually flying can be confirmed from the following movie. Although the power of the engine is 30 horsepower @ 6500 rpm, it seems not so powerful, but you can see from the small fuselage that you can move quickly and intensely as you can imagine.

E-Go 2015 display practice on Vimeo

By the way, the state of the first flight is kore. You can see a series of movements from takeoff to flight, landing.

First flight of the e-Go on Vimeo

It also includes a test of taxiing (ground running) on ​​the ground. In this video it is possible to see the aircraft with the wings removed.

Final taxi trial - the go-cart version on Vimeo

The delivery of e-Go is started in the UK, the price is 50,000 pounds (about 7 million yen) of the basic model "e-Go", and the position of the avionics system and radio, Sending device "ADS-B"E-Go +" equipped with a model from the beginning has become 60,000 pounds (about 8.4 million yen).

Although shipment has just begun e-Go, it is still unknown whether or not it can be used as it is in Japan. Nonetheless, it seems that the requirement of the "ultralight power machine" set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is almost satisfied, so I'd like to expect it.

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