A new '7th position' is found when the frog is mated

There are about 7,000 kinds of frogs in the whole world, but only 6 patterns have been known for 'positioning' during mating. This time, a new seventh position was discovered and named ' dorsal straddle '.

A unique mating strategy without physical contact during fertilization in Bombay Night Frogs (Nyctibatrachus humayuni) with the description of a new form of aplexus and female call [PeerJ]


Seventh frog sex position discovered in sexy frog sex study | The Verge

This is the newly discovered seventh position. Dorsal is 'back' and straddle is 'spread both legs' in a position where a male frog covers a female frog. At this time, males put their hands on the leaves and tree trunks, not on the female body, and contact is minimized. Males get off the body knowing the end of the act by the back of the female several times.

The six body positions that have been discovered so far are as follows. The most popular type is a type in which a male covers from behind a female, and those that hold around the waist are called 'inguinal position'.

Covering from behind and holding on shoulders 'axillary position'

Holding the head is called 'cephalic position'.

The short frogs in the limbs take the position of 'glued (adhesion)' as follows.

Male and female frogs face in the opposite direction, and only the buttocks are attached.

The position where a male frog sits on the head of a female frog is called 'head straddle'.

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