While the head feet such as squid and octopus are exploding as much as possible for the ocean winner, what is the cause?

ByRich Anderson

It is caused by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxideGlobal warmingIn the influence of the earthSea surface temperature rises year by yeardoing. Many marine organisms are decreasing their number of individuals due to environmental changes accompanying the rise in sea surface temperature, but squid or octopus etcCephalopodIt has become clear that only the number of individuals has steadily increased.

Octopuses may indeed be your new overlords | Ars Technica

Measures are in place to reduce carbon dioxide emissions throughout the world, but human activities necessarily cause a large amount of carbon dioxide to be emitted. Carbon dioxide released in large quantities in the atmosphere, itsAbout 30%It is said that the sea absorbs the increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

However, when the ocean surface absorbs a large amount of carbon dioxide, the acidity of the seawater becomes stronger, and it changes into an environment where it is difficult for many marine life to live. In fact, many kinds of marine organisms have decreased their populations year by year. Under such circumstances, new studies have revealed that only cephalopods are increasing their population gradually. In addition to fish, crabs, starfish and coral reefs are gradually decreasing in number due to changes in sea water, but only creatures with tentacles such as squid and octopus are increasing their number somehow.


Handle biological research papers and survey reportsCurrent BiologyBy a group of marine biologists published inpaperFrom the fishery data for the past 61 years in the main waters of the world,BycatchThe number of cephalopods that were done was investigated. As a result of using this number as an indicator of the number of individuals of the cephalopod class as a whole, the number of cephalopods has steadily increased over the past few decades. In other words, as many marine organisms are decreasing the number of individuals, it turns out that the number of cephalopods increases year by year.

For this reason, the scholars of the research group believe that "adaptability of cephalopods is high" is involved. One of the scholars who participated in the study said that "invertebrates may benefit from changes in marine environment."

Most cephalopods have a short life span, but even within their short lifespan, they have the characteristic that their actions can be changed quickly according to the environment etc. For example, Octopus seems to be able to learn quickly how to use tools etc. from the high adaptability, and this characteristic often causes octopus to escape from aquarium of laboratory and aquarium from this property.

Octopak succeeded in completing a major desertion mission from the aquarium and returning to the sea - GIGAZINE

Because of this high degree of adaptability, marine biologists speculate that cephalopods flexibly respond to changes in sea water, increasing the number of individuals.

If global warming keeps on going and cockpit classification increases and other marine creatures continue to decline, "It may be possible for only squid and octopus to survive even if extinction occurs," says Osaka, Ars Technica. If that happens, only soft body creatures such as squid and octopus will survive from the destruction of human race "Soft body centuryIt may be that it will start.

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