Microsoft discovered that the signs of cancer are known in the search word

ByChris Pirillo

Microsoft scientists announced the results of research that it is possible to detect Internet users suffering from cancer early by analyzing search words of search engines.

Screening for Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Using Signals From Web Search Logs: Feasibility Study and Results

Microsoft Finds Cancer Clues in Search Queries - The New York Times

A research published by Dr. Eric Horbitz and researcher, Microsoft scientist Dr. Eric Horbitz and Dr. Liang White, etc., identifies the user of pancreatic cancer patients from Bing's data, Microsoft's search engine. Pancreatic cancer is a difficult part to detect at an early stage, but with the method of analyzing the search word it is possible to identify pancreatic cancer patients who have not yet undergone diagnosis and it is expected that early detection of pancreatic cancer will be possible.

Pancreatic cancer5 year survival rateIs only 3%, which is very low, but if you can find pancreatic cancer in the early stages, 5 year survival rate can be increased to 5-7%. The discovery rate of pancreatic cancer by the method of Microsoft scientists is 5 to 15%, and the false positive rate (diagnostic accuracy) is only 1 / 100,000. If it is misdiagnosed as pancreatic cancer in the diagnosis of hospital, it will cause an increase in medical expenses due to further examination and serious anxiety.

On the other hand, with the method using the search word, the data used for the analysis is anonymized, and it does not include identification elements like 'user name'. There is no worry that the user will not know the analysis result and will cause uneasiness anxiety. However, since researchers can not identify individuals, we can not contact users who have detected pancreatic cancer. Therefore, the next logical step is how to use the identifiable data from the search word.

Dr. Horbitz said, "Maybe there is a possibility that" Cortana for health "may be born someday," one way is to ask the user permission to collect data, It is considered to use it as a part of the health service to warn you when the signs of it are found. Dr. White, also a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of an organization dealing with health information called "Health & Wellness" founded by Microsoft, refuses to present details on this research, but utilizes data as a service of Microsoft It may be that I have a plan to do.

ByBhupinder Nayyar

Dr. et al. Believe that the field of "health care data extracted from Web search history" is a new territory for medical professionals, Dr. Horbitz said, "If we can use this kind of data in major medical literature I am thinking. "

The idea of ​​analyzing search words is not new, and in 2009 we have also published research results that Google can detect influenza epidemics early by analyzing web search logs.

Detecting influenza epidemics using search query query data - detecting-influenza-epidemics.pdf
(PDF file)

Also, in 2013, Microsoft's research team will discover side effects of prescription drugs earlier than the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) notices from Web search logsresearch resultHas also been reported. The Web search history data of users of Google and Microsoft is becoming data that has direct value to FDA and the possibility that it can be utilized as an early detection system of diseases is appearing from now.

ByDanard Vincente

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