Headline news on June 3, 2016

In 2016 that it is the 20th anniversary since the series began, "Cardcaptor Sakura clear card edition"Was launched from the July issue of" Nakayoshi "released today, June 3 (Friday). The main character Sakura is a junior high school first grader. furtherNew anime project startedWe have also decided.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Lack of sleep causes memory loss, and it also proved to accumulate proteins that form the basis of Alzheimer - GIGAZINE

What to do if you accidentally purchase game delivery service "Steam" - GIGAZINE

"Gintama next notice body" gathering letters used for the next announcement of animated Gintama - GIGAZINE

Three skills as a listener whose team leaders overlook often - GIGAZINE

I went to Pyongyang restaurant where a North Korean-managed "Joy set" style show is seen - GIGAZINE

Ten types that tend to be in high school classmates found on SNS such as Facebook and mixi - GIGAZINE

A list of chemists in the 17th century who foresawed the future "Such a thing is good, if you can do" list, almost in reality - GIGAZINE

A man who can marry a woman 15 years younger than herself turned out to live longer - GIGAZINE

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Painful news (No ∀ `):" Hydrogen power is 176 times of vitamin C! 430 times of vitamin E! "Traffic advertisement talks about - Livedoor blog

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Development of a prediction system for myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction | NHK News

University-Industry Collaboration Base in Life Science at Tokyo · Nihonbashi | NHK News

Whether Alzheimer's disease is "the result of fighting the brain with infection": research results | WIRED.jp

Protein mass "Amyloid beta", which has been considered as a cause of Alzheimer's disease, may be a substance that tries to combat bacteria that have invaded the brain. In a study using mice and nematodes, results suggesting "infectious cause theory" were presented.

Shibureii generator | Press release found at 60 seconds | RIKEN

In the process of evolution, there are fish who acquired the ability to generate electricity. Among them, Denki Waki ​​that gives electric shock to big animals like horses is famous. In addition, Denkinamazu and Shibureei also generate strong electricity that can cause electric shock to humans. These fish are called strong electric fish. Strong electric fish is performing efficient power generation with conversion efficiency close to 100% in the body. It is based on the concept of "electric organs" in which membrane proteins (ion pumps, ion channels) that convert ATP (adenosine triphosphate) into ion transport energy are highly integrated and "electric organs" and its control system "nervous system" Because I have it.

In recent years, "biofuel cell" focusing on biological function has been developed, but output performance is inferior to conventional power generation method. Therefore, the collaborative research group, mainly RIKEN researchers, thought that it would be a breakthrough method if it could artificially reproduce and control the power generation method of strong electric fish, and we proceeded with experiments using the shiburee.

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
The unknown boy can be found Discovery in the Ground Self-Preservation Pavilion "Walking to the Hut" | Hashimoto Web / Electronic version (Society)

According to the Police Department, Mr. Tanoo said that he had been raining in the cabin inside the exercise hall. At the time of discovery, I did not have any food and my clothes were the same as when I was missing. Tano Oka said that "I arrived at the cottage on Saturday night and I was drinking water."

Yamato walked to the exercise ground "I was raining in the rain": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Nomura Securities Exchange Listing Goal "gumi" Person in Charge Transfer from Executive Course "Kyoto Branch Manager" to Branch "Customer Counseling Section Chief" - OUTSIDERS report

Forced adult video appearance Government grasps actual conditions | NHK News

Professor of Kyushu University who graduated "square sweeping room" to graduate students: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Become populist" tax increase, Mr. Aso approaching the prime minister: Asahi Shimbun Digital

What is the Liberal Democratic Party's 18-year-old voting rights pamph? (Watanabe Akito) - Individual - Yahoo! News

"Shinto shitai" which can not be grasped ... Not reported even if unknown location: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Supreme Court, Hana Flower as "Mark" ... Testamentary "Invalid": Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

National Police Agency: dealing strictly with hate demo, using existing legislation ... Notice - Mainichi Newspaper

For the demonstration of hate speech, which repeats discriminatory behavior against certain racial and ethnic groups on the street etc., the National Police Agency plans to strictly respond by using the current law such as libelous crime or contempt It solidified. The Hate Speech Measures Law enacted in the previous Diet came into effect on the 3rd, and in accordance with this, issued a notification to each prefectural police office.

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"Employment activity was going well" is about 60% New employee of SMEs | NHK News

Kumamoto Earthquake: Memory of 127 years ago, failure to inherit Record at that time Details - Mainichi Newspaper

College record: Is it decided in one year? The same as at the time of graduation Tokyo University of Science Study Survey - Mainichi Shimbun

Tokyo University of Science University (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) conducted studies for university students that the results at the time of graduation almost agree with the results at the end of the year and that there is no correlation with the results of the entrance examinations It was revealed by a survey. Mr. Makoto Yamamoto, the deputy president of Mr. Makoto Yamamoto who took charge, said, "The attendance situation of the first week of June in the first year of the year will affect the subsequent student life."

A trader of aged people "legitimate fraud" of the elderly - Yahoo! News

Painful news (No ∀ `):" Meiji delicious milk "Based on the declining birthrate, 1 liter → make it easier to hold containers in 900 ml to 900 ml - Livedoor blog

Another passenger's word put on a woman who declared a molest "Bush is not going to be late. I will be late, kudzu" Japanese darkness is too deep ... - Togetter Summary

I'm a doctor but I will post photos of Messi (hospital food) at the time of watchdog | 2 Channels Summary Blog - Alfalfa Mosaic

Go to the guild house Tokamachi where you can live on a monthly basis, if you are exhausted in the city Hello from the marginal settlement

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Google Developers Japan: Introducing new APIs to improve web scrolling performance

[Reports] 10 reasons that switched mixi operated on-site on-site to AWS # AWSSummit | Developers.IO

Overseas WordCamp information | Join WordCamp London 2016 ♪

World's first two-screen electronic paper score terminal "GVIDO" has appeared - AV Watch

People who wish to make deep learning business a must-see! National strategy to be taken when artificial intelligence becomes business - shi 3 z's long diary

Current status of everyone's wedding data analysis base - everyone's wedding engineering blog

Thinking about programming thought that overseas engineers are talking about "I see" 3 - Ginger laboratory

Digital camera for golfers who can analyze swinging in conjunction with smartphones

"Eating log" information Delete not approved Decision fixed | NHK News

In a trial where a company operating a restaurant in Hokkaido said he was damaged in the restaurant search site "eating log" as a search site, asked to delete the information of the store appearing on the site, the Supreme Court declared the shop side The decision to withdraw the appeal of the appeal was issued, and the ruling which does not approve the deletion of the information was confirmed.

The time to rely solely on the server is over! How to Validate firmly on the client side | phiary

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
The first smart RPG in the Fate series was made like this ... "Fate / Grand Order" development coverage of the seminar where the back side was told | Social Creator Info

"Brave Witches" 2nd PV - YouTube

Sweet and lightning promotion movie short version - YouTube

Pachislot "Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater" Tiza PV - YouTube

Yoshihiro Togashi Ishida Sui special talk - Shonen Jump +

Ishida Sui 's first dialogue with Yoshihiro Togashi of "HUNTER × HUNTER" and "Tokyo Bottle Tokyo Girl" is realized with "Shonen Jump +"! Furthermore, there is a story of Hisoka drawn by Ishida Sui ...! Please see the interview of the century for the first time!

Read Hisoka Treasured Name 69 P by Ishida Sui

Detailed content of "Splatoon" update data (Ver.2.8.0)

Historical relationship between Ranobet and Eroge - Togetter Summary

[Synopsis] The old dramaga was good with unisex → But the eroge culture came in and the girls were kicked out → When was the eroge culture coming in Ranube? → Harlem is said to be a prohibited original, is not it? → Is the prohibition a bit different, both in terms of time and content? → Is it about when Nishio Ishinbun who was affected by Tsukihime debuted? → Did Nishio Refresh take influence of Tsukihime like that? → Tsukihime in those days has a big influence ...

Duck Mr. team's charm and its "gut" meaning - piano · fire

Hatsune Miku chill it and let it sound Good sweet sound Glyco - YouTube

Funny Recommended Masterpiece Feeling the Future SF Novel Summary 19 Selections [Japan / Overseas Edition] - Reading Geek

Free Additional Content | Dragon Quest Heroes II King of Twins and the End of Prophecy Official Site | SQUARE ENIX
June 2 (Thu): Additional Story 1st "Tornado Hen" & "Maribel & Gabo"
June 9th (Thursday): 2nd additional story "The Emperor of the Hell Esterqu" (Map of the Emperor of the Hell which can fight Estherk), "Maña & Minnea edition" "Terry & Hassan edition"
June 16 (Thursday): Additional stories 3rd "Zessica & Kukuru Hen" & "Arena & Craft Edition", Space-time labyrinth "Act · Mea · Bianca · Flora"
Thursday, June 23: Additional Story 4th "Dark Dragon Dragon King" (a map of the "King of the Riddle Dragon King" who can fight with Ryuo), "Dirk · Giulietta · Yangas · Pizarro" in the labyrinth of the spacetime
Delivery in early July: Additional Story No. 5 Multiplayer Battle Mode "Monster Coin Battle"

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Report | Hira Ari's Official Blog "Love Pear" Powered by Ameba

Please acknowledge that it will be reported in this form.

It seems that Friday says articles will be issued tomorrow, but if you write anything, I will write what you did properly, the truth ....

It is true that you are going out with Yuki Nagatomo, a soccer player.
The social duration is one year.
I am not pregnant! ︎
my friend! Since Mr. Sanki was a big fan of Mr. Nagatomo, I had dinner with Mr. Nagatomo 's friend and me in Tokyo.
It was quite different from the image of the signboard of Mr. Nagatomo in the town, it was a wonderful person from laughing with laughter, smiling the atmosphere with Mr. Sankaki very well.

When reporting to Mr. Sanki who was supposed to be associated, I got a strong word that "I will support you more than any other girls" than anyone else.

I never fooled the subject - "FAKE" Director Tatsuya Mori & amp; Yoshiko Hashimoto Listen to the producer | "I will not receive an interview today and if I will cover Samura Kouchi" ... - - webDICE

Documentary film "FAKE" pursuing Mamoru Samura Kaori Samura who directed Mori Tatsuya got talked about in a ghost writer disturbance is released from Saturday, June 4. In webDICE, following an interview by Mr. Riki Makihara and Daisen Border (DAKEI) of silent "Music" movie "LISTEN Listen", he will post an interview with Mori Tatsuya and Hashimoto Yoshiko Producer.

The webDICE editorial office had applied for an interview interview with Mr. Samura Kouchi on Dongfeng of distribution company before interviewing the two of them, but "There is no operation of Mr. Samura Kouchi in this work," and Samura Kouchi As to whether Mr. Kawachi watching this completed work was also answered that "Mr. Samura Kouchi watched this work or not here".

After that, the editorial department independently asked Mr. Mamoru Samura Kouchi and Mr. Takashi Aragaki about their interview interviews. Mr. Akiyama Wataru, an agent of Mr. Kauchi Samura, replied, "E-mails are transferred to the principal, but basically it is difficult to interview them, so I think it is difficult", Mr. Aragaki's manager said " Because I have not seen the work, I can not answer the interview about the work. "

Prince Mr. singer's death causes overdose of drug | NHK News

Cat Hiroshi participate in the Rio Olympic team in Cambodia | NHK News

The talent's cat Hiroshi who acquired the Cambodian nationality decided to participate as the Cambodia national team marathon at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in August.

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Limited flavor of pea snacks "Vino" "Vino / Aruba black pepper taste" new release - East Hato / News release
From July 11th.

"Poteko" limited flavor "Poteco · Refreshing Plum" and "Poteco · Stamina Steak flavor" New Release - East Hato / News Release
From 4th July.

Perfine and macadamia's fragrance and rich "Macadamia scented praline" released on June 7 - Press release | Corporate information | Meiji Corporation

Dell Launches 2-in-1 of "Inspiron" series for personal use and all-in-one PC with Blu-ray

Launches Wireless Speaker System SC-ALL05 | Press Releases | Panasonic Newsroom Japan

Panasonic Corporation will release the waterproof wireless speaker system SC-ALL 05 that can be used in baths and kitchens on June 24. With the diversification of how to enjoy the bath at home, especially young men and women, the style of bathing while listening to music is gradually becoming firmly established.

Introducing "ROG STRIX X99 GAMING" Intel X99 motherboard for gamers of R.O.G. series equipped with illumination function

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