Headline news on 1 June 2016

Panasonic announced that it will launch "SZ 5" "RZ 5" "MX 5" "LX 5" series from June 10 as a mobile notebook PC "Let's Note" summer model 2016. In addition to being equipped with a TPM security chip in all series, the security function has been enhanced, and "SZ 5" is the final release of the model preinstalled Windows 7 by exercising Windows 10 Pro downgrade right. SZ 5 with Windows 7 is released for a limited time until the end of October 2016. In addition, the release of "customized Let's note" limited to the Panasonic store is also announced.

Mobile Laptop "Let's note" Personal Shop / Summer Model for Corporate | Press Releases | Panasonic Newsroom Japan

Mobile Laptop "Customized Let's note" Panasonic Store Summer Model Release | Press Releases | Panasonic Newsroom Japan

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

I tried comparing Yoshinoya's "eel heavy three pieces of sushi" that plenty of rice is filled with eels with normal "one piece Sheng" - GIGAZINE

Finally the free upgrade offer date & release date of "Windows 10" officially found - GIGAZINE

A total of 1.25 million leaks of name, address, birth date, basic pension number, the reason is that the official of the Japan Pension Organization opened the virus mail - GIGAZINE

New animation list starting in the summer of 2014 - GIGAZINE

A 2,000-yen 3D printer "MOD-t" makes it possible to sell its own products in an online store - GIGAZINE

There was a parasite when I stool by the stomach in Nepal - GIGAZINE

"Haruhi Hunting" starting with Haruhi "Suzumiya Haruhi" collecting pieces of music and drawing down the drawn movie - GIGAZINE

New animation list starting in the summer of 2013 - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
Professor "While my liberal arts ride around 5 million cars with a woman, we can turn 20 million centrifuges" I am "amazing" - Togetter Summary

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Metallergic allergy, occurrence with nanoparticles or Osaka University group confirmation: Asahi Shimbun Digital

A group of Osaka University confirmed by a mouse experiment that metal allergy caused by necklace, pierced earrings, tooth padding, etc. appears to be caused by nanoparticles larger in size than the ions. It announced on January 31 in English scientific journal Nature nanotechnology electronic version.

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Detecting speed violation, arresting a man suspected of ignoring appearance 8 times: Asahi Shimbun Digital

JR Hokkaido: "Okhotsk" two roundtrips, shortening the section to abolish the station - Mainichi Newspaper

Container shipping world's largest A.P. Moller-Marsk's Europe - What the meaning of withdrawal of Japan route: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Two people involved in fraudulent withdrawal "magnetic tape on white plain cards" | NHK News

A man who was arrested for involvement in withdrawals within Aichi Prefecture as a result of a fraudulent withdrawal of more than 1.4 billion yen of cash using ATMs of Seven Bank nationwide, which are believed to have been counterfeited at the same time. It was understood by the interview with the police that people stated that "the magnetic white tape was stuck on a white solid color" about the card used. The police are looking for sources.

Trumps were very popular with Muslims what a truth in America that can not be told in Japan | JBpress (Japan Business Press)

Shorten the period for prohibiting remarriage of women Reformed Civil Code established | NHK News

LINE, Market capitalization to Tokyo Stock Exchange listed in July 600 billion yen: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Verification: Prime Minister, decision to re-postpone a tax increase (part 1) "Lehman document" Secretly prepared preparation Merchant-led, Finance · Foreign policy opposition - Mainichi Newspaper

The documents that they had uniformly distance were graphs and data of four sheets of A4 paper that the Prime Minister presented to the leaders of the summit on the first day of the summit discussion.

"World commodity prices are the same as the falling rates around Lehman" "Investment growth rate in emerging countries is lower than after Lehman" ?? Materials that compare the current economic slowdown of emerging countries with the Lehman shock of 2008 are called "Lehmann paper" among government officials, and the prime minister is called "risk" of the world economy at the summit Emphasized and played a role as a reinforcing material to assert postponement of tax hikes by external factors. Created by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Naoya Imai, Prime Minister Secretary of State, Ikuro Sugawara, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Secretary of the Ministry "Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry" led the way.

The paper was suddenly distributed on the 24th, before the summit opening on 2nd, at the "study meeting" of related ministries and agencies held at the prime minister's official residence. For the Ministry of Finance seeking to implement tax increases as planned, "water to the bedside" (executive). Prime minister and Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso, who was shown a paper from executives who ran into the ministerial office on the second floor of the Ministry of Finance, said, "What is Lehman Shock before it's making strange material."

Immediately before that, confusion spread to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was informed of the policy "to show the paper at the summit meeting" from the official residence. Conference negotiations at the level of the officials for consensus at the summit level have already entered the mountain area, and concerns have risen one after another. However, the official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs looks back, "Mr. Imai's reply was" show it when it said to show. "

Detecting speed violation, arresting a man suspected of ignoring appearance 8 times: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Pension organization information leakage 1 year Cyber ​​attack attacker Identification of the source forward | NHK News

With a cyber attack on the Japan Pension Organization, it is one year after the leak of 1.25 million personal information, and in the previous investigation of the Metropolitan Police Department, the service that makes the criminal group difficult to follow the communication route is used I also found that some of the communication records were being deleted. The Metropolitan Police Department continues to identify the sender.

Former Miss Turkey convicted of criticism on presidential criticism sharing in China: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The court in Turkey and Istanbul passed a ruling on May 31, 2005, a former Miss Turkish model, Melbe Buyixalachi (27), for 1 year, 2 years 17 days, suspended execution for 5 years. In 2014 I decided that sharing poetry criticizing President Erdogan at that time on social media was "a crime of insulting civil servants in the public place because of their work."

Gasoline nationwide average retail price rises for 12 consecutive weeks | NHK News

Following the rise in crude oil prices, the nationwide average retail price of regular gasoline rose to 119.9 yen per liter for 12 consecutive weeks.

Governor Masuzo going publicly and mistrustly for public and private confusion "Governor Masuzomu" cease first-class use "Governor's Suite Room at the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly - Sankei News

Chinese Mandatory Promotion: Settlement Mitsubishi Materials Apologize - Mainichi Newspaper

Chinese victims and bereaved families asked for damages and apologies to Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (formerly Mitsubishi Mining, Headquarters, Tokyo) as a matter of requiring China for damages and bereavement, saying that they were forcibly taken away during the Sino-Japanese War and forced to do severe labor. , The company apologized directly to the surviving victims on the 1st and found that the two sides signed a settlement document. The victim himself surviving Beijing city will hold a press conference on the same afternoon. It is the first time that companies and victims exchanged settlement documents over Chinese compulsory takeovers. It shows how to solve the history problem at the private level.

Shootout of group executives: suspicious person in hit man or security camera - Mainichi Newspaper

North Korea, Mr. Trump is "smart politician" Clinton is "stubborn" | Reuters

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
First public release "Railroad Suicide Numbers" Railway Rankings | Commuter Train | Toyo Keizai Online | New Standards for Economic News

Life is beautiful: The world changes when thinking that "deadline is absolutely protected"

Chinese tourists rent a car? Although it is impossible to drive under the law ... | Okinawa Times + Plus

Learning from the hunting of indigenous Casca in North America "Coexistence of humans and animals" (Society) - Women himself [Kobunsha Female Weekly Magazine]

Kobe Newspaper NEXT | Tajima | Asago's regional ostensible crew member, opening deer meat processing facility opened

Stop birds and beasts harm (53) Increase "harmful bird catcher squad member" ... - National agricultural newspaper

Biniki, possibility of rope art showing "Ikkonoko" Photo 1 International news: AFPBB News

Non-regular employees who are exhausted and respected as workers - Yahoo! News

The drowning zebra, the background of the tragedy ... The management responsibility of animal trading: Asahi Shimbun Digital

In March, a zebra who escaped from a horse riding club in Seto City in Aichi Prefecture died at a nearby golf course. I am 1 year old. When we looked at the background of the tragedy, realities of animal transactions with ambiguous management responsibility have come to light.

【Sad news】 There is no mote www: Hamidashi chan

New higher education institution "professional university", aim for opening in 19 years | Slad

Selection of new graduates recruitment "lifting of ban" Short-term battle, business research is okay? : Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Google talks about thousands of live upgrades of Linux distributions 10 years ago - Yuuki blog

The official website of the company conducts advertising acts in search of imaginary missing persons - Togetter Summary

The editorial department of the inside knowledge of the known game information media: inside (operated by Eid 【Mothers 6038】) is looking for "one who can contact with free writer Uchikawa Tamaki" at official website and official SNS I made a notice that. However, it turned out to be a fake article for publicity purposes. Even if individuals request the information on missing persons on the net, while it is difficult to prove the relationship with missing persons and it may be misidentified as a stalking act, companies with social credibility do such acts I can not understand things.

MMD version inquiries (temporary) production start! - 146 blogs

Let's make that software that touched the topic 16 years ago in MMD too!
Development started from the idea of.

Recently 3D games are the basis, and 3D drawing is also many in portable game machines.
And VR is also expanding its scale.

That's why I heard that the Internet users were popular at a time when there were not so many people yet
Let's reunite with the present age!

Well, well, I just wanted myself while raising a cause.

Introduction to HTML5 physical computation using Google made library LiquidFun - ICS MEDIA

Distribution of music to the library users on the net Saitama · Ageo | NHK News

Mineo announces new service for the 2nd anniversary! | Staff Blog | King Minine

One of the highlights of this announcement, interesting service like mineo. That's the "premium course"! A service that provides a dedicated band different from ordinary and always provides a comfortable communication environment.

[LINE] Start full-scale operation of "LINE Ads Platform" advertisement distribution platform of LINE | LINE Corporation | News

Try touching the general-purpose robot core unit "bCore" using BLE - Over & amp; Out afterwards

Impress Watch celebrates 20th anniversary this year

In February 1996, Japan's first e-mail newspaper "INTERNET Watch" was launched.
In July of the same year, the Web news site "PC Watch" was launched.
Impress Watch celebrates 20th anniversary this year.

Google Developers Japan: Developed for Direct Boot

Why do not you make money for e-books? | Hidefumi Sato | note

Finally long-awaited multi-layer support, Photoshop Sketch full of new features is hot! | Adobe Creative Station

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
TV Animation TRICKSTER - Edogawa Ranpo from "Boys Detectives" - PV 1st - YouTube

"KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm" Blu-ray & amp; DVD release announcement CM - YouTube

Professor Oku Hiroya writer of Ganz talks about "Why impossible cartooning realization is made one after another?" Togetter Summary

May backer report | Shenmue 3

Hello everyone.
In this month's update we will introduce new members of the Shenmue III project. It is animation director Toshihiko Masuda. He is active at the forefront of the animation industry and has been responsible for animation director, director, drawing director etc. with various works so far and has won the Emmy Award at The New Batman / Superman Adventures in 1997.

New Pretty Cure "Cure Felice" July 3 (Sun) Broadcast from the 22nd episode appeared! | Magical PreCure! - Toei Animation

TOEI ANIMATION 60th anniversary commemorative special program "60 years of glory! Victory equation" Animax at 29th consecutive marathon broadcast on July 30 (Saturday) | Press Release | Toei Animation Co., Ltd.

Baseball cats are good: 【My Life】 Ashi Takeuchi fielder, retired from his career

A certain Ranobet artist tells the truth "I do not make money, Ranobet does not make money. I do not want money. I will quit so I will quit." - Togetter Summary

[Important] Notice on handling of digests, other conventions - Become a novelist Group official blog

Shogakkan: Requesting the collection of books Mr. Nishihara and Takasu co-authored - Mainichi Shimbun

Shogakukan announced on January 1 that he began collecting cartoonist Rieko Nishihara and co-author Katsuya Takasu of the cosmetic surgeon Takasu Clinic, "Darling is a 70-year-old counterattack against the Takasu Empire."

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Ichiro "No, I think that it would be better to see it with the stern eyes of a third party": Nanjei Stadium @ N J Summary

Sapporo Subway, Self-Defense Force front - Makoma interior: Nanjei stadium @ N J summary

MLB NEWS: MLB seems to have 4% batter in birth

Monopoly confession in the dark casino "Permanent expulsion" Kenichi Tago "But I have only badminton" | Wisdom of wisdom | Modern business [Kodansha]

【Clay Shooting】 Women's Skate Representative, Naoko Ishihara, Hara family is a shrine with a history of over 1300 years: sports broadcast

Is there special pressure on the stage of CL? ... Compare PK success rate with data | Football King

■ PK success rate of this season by "Opta"
Premier League: 81%
Bundesliga: 79%
Serie A: 77%
League · An: 72%
Liga · Española: 71%
Champions League: 58%

Cantona, the euro cheering England 'France does not matter' | Football King

"I do not care about France anymore. As for football, I am a man of England, and my body has England blood."

Football players are full of possibilities ... Mr. Akimoto changes how the players run / 2nd | Football King

- How about running overseas players Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi?
In the case of Shinko Akimoto Messi, I think there is a place that is being automated. I feel like I can express my sense, I feel like I am dribbling with genius sense rather than aiming. Therefore, if you fiddle with running, you feel that it is likely to become negative. C · Ronaldo seems to be changing just by slightly instructing the arm swing.

Omiya MF family director Akihiro, did you see "God cross" from the complete stop state: footballnet [soccer summary]

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New Yoni Uta caught a culture shock at Hello's site - Super Deluxe

Masashi Tashiro, now temptation ... Blood sampling by blood test "I'm going to salivage if this is a stimulant" - Entertainment society - SANSPO.COM (Sansupo)

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Charge salinity and moisture "Fanta Suica" New release nationwide from Monday, July 4 | Company information | News release: Coca-Cola Japan Coca-Cola Journey

(PDF)Matsuya supervised summer vegetables with tomato curry taste ramen new release | Ace co., Ltd

Self-customized snacks Happy being changed depending on mood Feeling new product from potato taste | Koikuya Co., Ltd.

House "Tankari Corn" Launched nationwide from June 6th | News Release | Company Information | House Food

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