Microsoft and Facebook lay tags of optical fiber submarine cable crossing the Atlantic Ocean

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It was revealed that Microsoft and Facebook lay tags of optical fiber submarine cables connecting the Americas and the European continent. Until now, major IT firms have tried building their own optical fiber submarine cables, which had been developed infrastructure by a major telecommunications company, for the first time.

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Microsoft plans to launch optical fiber submarine cable linking the US and Europe in cooperation with Facebook "MAREAWe announced. In the MAREA project, we plan to draw submarine cable from Virginia state on the east coast of the United States to Bilbao, Spain, and then to communicate to various places in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia from there via hub. MAREA's submarine optical fiber cable has a total length of 6600 kilometers and has eight optical fibers with a bandwidth of 160 Tbps. With a household optical line of 100 Mbps, we will have a bandwidth of 1.6 million households by simple calculation.

Microsoft says "We need fast and reliable communications in anticipation of ever-increasing customer demand in various cloud services such as Bing, Office 365, Xbox Live, Microsoft Azure," and like Microsoft, Facebook Messenger , WatsApp, and Instagram services in cooperation with Facebook, which requires high-quality communication lines, we decided to lay out our own optical fiber cable on the ocean floor.

Traditionally, a submarine fiber-optic cable was laid out mainly by a telecommunications company, and the service provider borrowed the optical line, but Microsoft and Facebook said that they will acquire their own line with a huge cost. You have chosen a road. According to Telegeography, a telecommunications company, two-thirds of the digital data that travels across the Atlantic passes through a private network of IT companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Google. The ratio of passing through the private network of a major IT company was only 10% a few years ago, and as IT giant became to occupy the majority of data lines as cloud services spread, Mr. Tim Stronger of Telegeography says it is "a phenomenal change".

This time, other than Microsoft and Facebook who decided to lay out their own optical fiber submarine cable,Google FiberIt is no wonder that Google, who became an Internet provider at the moment, wishes to have its own line that is not influenced by the speculation of the telecommunications company. Also, the fact that Google and Facebook are trying to create a mobile circuit network using drones and balloons in regions where communication lines are not well established is not dependent on telecommunications companies that do not invest in areas that are not profitable, You can also receive it because you are finding worth investing in.

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Due to the strong demand, Microsoft and Facebook's decision that it is more beneficial to draw the fiber optic cables themselves to the ocean floor rather than renting a line makes a huge investment to build a submarine optical fiber cable network It seems that we will have some influence in the profit structure of the telecommunications company in the future.

In the MAREA project, laying of optical cables will start in August 2016 and will be completed in October 2017.

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