A gaming keyboard "Wooting one" that detects how accurately it is pushing and enables precise playing

If you use a bad controller in playing the game, it will be difficult to get a high score regardless of your skill. An analog keyboard "developed to solve such a problem"Wooting one"You can grasp the depth of the keystroke exactly and operate the movement of the character finely.

Wooting | Analog mechanical keyboard

You can see how you are playing games using "Wooting one" from the following movies.

This is Wooting one. At first glance it looks like an ordinary keyboard ... ...

It is said that this key exerts a tremendous effect in playing the game.

All keys can accurately sense the sinking condition of your fingers. On a normal keyboard it is 0 or 100 (whether it is pressed or not pressed), but you can sense 0 to 100% intensity.

In a racing game where precise control judgment is required, it is possible to perform precise handling decisions that can not be reproduced with a normal keyboard.

In the FPS game, I decide the secret head shot by finding out where to see from the enemy or not to see it.

Since MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) like Warcraft can also perform detailed operations, it may be able to demonstrate its bottom line in the field of e-Sports. The gaming pad can be used as a gaming keyboard, orXinputPlease note that only games that correspond to.

It is possible to switch from the analog mode that can sense the depth to the digital mode with only one button. If you switch to digital mode you can do normal typing without problems.

The tensile strength of the key is 55 cN (centiNewton), it can be typed physically with tick. The CHERRY MX key switch is adopted, the typing endurance count is 10 million times.

All keys are interchangeable, and the shaft will be exposed when you remove the key cap.

You can customize this axis itself to any position you prefer, so you can use the keyboard with your favorite placement. Also, it supports backlight setting of each key.

It is OK to change to "RED" which senses typing depth for each keyboard or "BLUE" of normal type for each keyboard.

Wooting one is looking for investment with Kickstarter, and you can get one Wooting one at 139 euros (about 17,000 yen). In addition to the Wooting one main unit, tools such as micro-USB cable, key cap / switch removal are included. Shipping to Japan requires a separate shipping fee of 20 euros (about 2500 yen), the schedule for delivery will be around November 2016. The deadline of investment is 22 o'clock on Thursday, June 23, 2016.

The Analog mechanical keyboard for precise movement in Games by Wooting - Kickstarter

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