"HYPER-REALITY" depicting the terrible future dominated by VR

The VR headset is a completely different level from the gaming experience so farExperience human extreme conditionIt is possible to do. If VR (virtual reality/ Virtual reality) dominates the world What will happen? By saying that,KEIICHI MATSUDAThe movie created by "HYPER-REALITY"is.


It shows the situation of playing a game with virtual reality using VR headset.

A phone call comes in on the way, but I will continue the game without a doubt.

When you start high score ...

I will grab the game screen.

Pointing out the game, it is reality ... .... There are various icons emerging in the real world, such as news articles, meters such as "point managers", message notifications, hanging advertisements, and so on.

I will pick up the incoming call.

The opponent is "inspiration guru (inspirational leader)" of "JOBMONKEY"

It tells us that the leader is late for the schedule. The leader speaks Chinese, while the person wearing the VR headset speaks Spanish, but the conversation is smoothly in real time translation.

Switching the screen by grasping the screen of the phone and sliding it to the edge of the screen just like at the time of the game.

When a slightly downward screen comes in, icons of various applications are displayed.

If you hold out a palm, Google search is also possible. When asked, "Who am I?" ...

Photos of women "JULIANA RESTREPO", personal information, friends etc. information are displayed.

Furthermore, when asking Google "Where are you heading now?"

A map connecting the current location and the destination and the time to the destination were displayed.

Next time asks "Can you start again?"

I got a warning "Are you sure you want to reset your identity?"

Sliding the button towards the reset ... ...

"The loyalty point will be deleted, will you continue?"

I decided to cancel without doing so because I decided to cancel it.

The bus fare is also displayed in virtual reality. In addition, you can see that the evaluation of the bus is done with five stars.

When going out ... ....

The city is also overflowing with various advertisements and displays using virtual reality, and on the head of passers-by is also displayed such as status.

In the roadway you will see "CLEAR THE AREA (Please open this area)".

When the display disappears, a flock of motorcycles will pass through.

Next time to the supermarket.

If you have a cart, you will see a shopping list in front of you and try using virtual pets? The icon is displayed.

Tap "Try it".

Then, I sat down on the cart.

Various advertisements and information will be displayed as it passes through the product side.

Arrived at the yogurt department. I can see the screen flickering for a moment.

Taking the product in hand, it is 3D until the package.

However, flickering again occurred and the display got totally wrong.

From the menu list ......

Select the item "Call us". Ask super customer support about bugs.

It seems that the user account has been attacked, but I do not need to worry.

After a short time……

The virtual reality space will disappear.

And it was brought back to reality at once.

Restarted and the virtual reality space is completed again. I am amazed by the gap between inexperienced reality and excessively decorated virtual reality space.

Go back to the street again.

When I was walking hard, a suspicious shadow came approaching from the front.

Shadow shaped hackers came and attacked ......

The user is injured.

This is not the virtual space but the actual scar of appearance. Blood flows out of my palm. The user raises a voice in spite of pain.

A user who was robbed of all points by a hacker who broke the biometrics with blood gave a desperate voice that the point was robbed rather than being hurt ......

Going to a place while shedding blood in the real world.

VR makes the fictitious world feel as if it is real, and the user can immerse in the world of creatures, but although it is immersed, it was the last of surprise that the game dominates the reality too much.

In addition, other MATSUDA's works can be seen from the following website.


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