Realized the first step towards lowering the price of "Phase Change Memory" which is high in read / write speed and excellent in durability

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Researchers at IBM Research have the advantages of currently used DRAM and flash memoryPhase change memory (PCM, PRAM)Succeeded to store 3 bits in one cell of. I succeeded so far with 1 bit per cell, but due to the success of this time, it is possible to make Phase Change Memories at prices approaching the same density flash memory.

IBM Scientists Achieve Storage Memory Breakthrough

IBM scientists achieve storage memory breakthrough

Phase change memory has attracted attention in recent years as having the power to become a universal memory technology in terms of read / write speed, durability, nonvolatility and density.

DRAM used as memory of PC has excellent read / write speed and durability, but since the stored data is lost when the power supply is turned off, it can not be used as a storage medium for holding data all the time. On the other hand, flash memory can hold data even when power is turned off, but reading and writing speed is slower than DRAM, and durability is somewhat difficult.

Phase change memory is a technology that can do its "good congestion", it can hold data even when the power is turned off, and durability can endure at least 10 million times of writing. In general, since it is said that the durability of the USB memory using the flash memory is 3000 writing, it means that it has durability of 3000 times or more.

By IBM Research

Phase change memories are expected to be fast and simple storage as the data volume is expected to grow exponentially with the Internet (IoT) of mobile terminals and goods. Also, not only as a high-speed cache but also a hybrid type combined with flash storage is envisioned.

For example, if you store smartphone OS in Phase Change Memory, it will be possible to start up in just seconds. If you are talking about company level, you can process queries at high speed by storing the database in phase change memory, so it should be very useful for urgent projects such as financial transactions. Furthermore, even machine learning using a huge data setLatencyCan be made smaller.

Already, scientists at IBM and other laboratories have demonstrated to store one bit in one cell of phase change memory, but it was done in Paris on May 17, 2016International Memory WorkshopIBM researchers succeeded in storing 3 bits in one cell at high temperature after one million durability cycles.

"Phase change memory is the first form of universal memory with characteristics of both DRAM and flash memory and is one of the grand challenges of our industry," said Phase Change Memory He is the author of the thesis and serves as manager of nonvolatile memory research at IBM Research. Dr. Harris Positdez. Dr. "Demonstrating" 3 bits per cell "means that the cost of phase change memory is considerably lower than that of DRAM when thinking at the same density, so that it becomes closer to flash memory, meaningful milestone "I also said.

until nowCost side has become a bottleneck and usage has not spreadAlthough it is said that, overcoming that problem, diffusion may start at a stretch from now.

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