In the summer of 2016, "Budweiser" renamed beer to "America"

"Budweiser" which is often seen in convenience stores and supermarket beer corners with red and white coloring is called "America (America)"It turned out to change to.

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The difference between the conventional design (left) and the new design (right) is like this. It seems to be a little different from the design of cans sold in Japan, but the character of "Budweiser"AmericaIt is understood that it is rewritten to. Also, if you look closely you can see "AB" (manufacturer name "Anheuser · Bush") As well as two characters"US"Has been rewritten.

Not only can, but also the design of the bottle is likely to change.

Although it is actually a patriotic design that is easy to understand, it is said that this design change is temporary. Budweiser has ever been to the Independence Day of the Americas on July 4th and is a package of summer editions using three colors of blue, red, and white, which imaged stars' flag during the summer when beer consumption increased. Has been introduced. And it seems that I decided to step on the strategy that I will further step on this year and change it to the brand name.

Looking only at the design part, it looks like this. This is a conventional design, but ...

If it is a new design it will be like this. In addition to the fact that the logo has been largely rewritten, the bottom manufacturer name "ANHEUSER - BUSCH. INC." Also "LIBERTY & JUSTICE FOR ALLYou can see that has been replaced by ". This is oath to loyalty to the state "The oath of loyaltyA famous passage called "freedom and justice for all people" that appears in "Pledge of Allegiance". In other words, it is changed to a design that wears American patriotism together.

Minor changes have been made to the upper emblem and banner. At the top is a description of Budweiser, and the words "THE WORLD RENOWNED (world famous)" and "BUDWEISER LAGER BEER (Budweiser Lager Beer)" are laid out ... ...

It becomes like this after change. The upper wording is the American national anthem "Stars and Stripes"Lyrics have been rewritten as a whole, and brave phrases such as" LAND OF FREE "and" HOME OF THE BRAVE "are lined up. Look closer, there is also a change in the black part of the center. The original design was "AMERICA AFRICA AURSTRALIA EUROPE ASIA" and the names of the five continents were written, but you can see that the changed design has been changed to "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA".

It's Budweiser, a summer edition that seems to inspire patriotism as much as she feels, but I'm wondering if it will come to Japan with this design as well.

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