To be able to play FPS games on smart watch

Smart watch which appeared as a pioneer of IoT is equipped with various functions such as incoming / mail notification and measurement of health data, and it is a useful device as an item complementing smartphone. One of SmartWatch, Android Wear-equipped smartwatch, FPS game being played all over the world "Counter StrikeA user who made it possible to play has appeared.

Counter Strike on Android - Dave Bennett

You can see how you are playing Counter Strike on Smartwatch with Android Wear from the following movie.

Counter Strike on Android Wear - YouTube

It was Dave Bennett who made it possible to play Counter Strike on Smart Watch. Bennett's smart watch shows the home screen of Counter Strike 1.6.

The screen is quite small because it is a smart watch, but you can see that it works properly.

Since Bennett's smart watch is not compatible with Wi-Fi and can not connect to the Internet, online matches can not be played, but offline private matches are possible.

Deciding the head shot on the Smart Watch screen seems to be quite difficult.

In order to play Counter Strike 1.6 on Smartwatch with Android Wear, you can use the application "smartwatch" to launch the old version of Windows "Xash3D app"And" copy of Counter Strike 1.6 ", and a client application"CS16Client"Is necessary. You can create Counter Strike 1.6 by creating a folder called "Xash" on Smart Watch, copying the "Valve" and "Counter Strike" folders in the installation file of Counter Strike to this folder, and launching the CS16Client application It will be like that.

You can also play Counter Strike 1.6 on Android smartphone in the same way. As long as you watch a movie, the motion is smooth and you can battle with online players playing on PC, but touch operation seems to be quite difficult.

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