Sony's patent application for built-in contact lenses for cameras, adjust aperture by blinking, operate auto focus, shutter

ByRachel Chapman

Google in 2014New Google GlassSamsung also acquired a patent for products that are seen as Samsung in April 2016Smart contact lensI am applying for a patent of. While each company is developing a new type of wearable camera, it became clear that Sony also filed a patent application for smart contact lenses incorporating cameras and various sensors.


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Sony patents a new contact lens camera (say bye bye to Google Glass) | sonyalpharumors

According to a patent application for smart contact lenses submitted by Sony, contact lenses are equipped with not only a very small camera unit but also a storage / image sensor / imaging lens / wireless communication unit. The shutter at the time of shooting can be cut by blinking, it explains that operations such as aperture adjustment, zoom, and focus can be performed. It also refers to the "eyebrow preventing function" that prevents image blurring due to movement of the eyeball.

By sensing the eyelid pressure with a sensor, you can also distinguish between normal blink and shutter. In addition, functions such as aperture adjustment and zoom can be adjusted by the degree of opening of the eyelids. It is believed that photographed pictures can be recorded in built-in storage, and furthermore it is claimed that it is also possible to send pictures from any wireless communication unit to any device. The realization of technology like a movie is realistic, but it is a place to deal with how to deal with the privacy problem of "invisible camera".

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