The data showing the strong link between global warming and the industrial revolution is revealed from the data of "ice" collected by Japanese shrines from 700 years ago

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In order to study the global climate change various data such as temperature, water temperature, precipitation etc. are gathered all over the world, but Japan and Finland have concerned about "ice" which has been recorded over the past several centuries Valuable weather data exists. From there, the fact that the temperature of the earth shows strong correlation with the industrial revolution that started in the 18th century has been revealed.

Direct observations of ice seasonality reveal changes in climate over the past 320-570 years: Scientific Reports

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Lake Suwa in Nagano prefecture is known to freeze the surface of the lake in winter, especially when the cold is severe ice road where the surface of the ice rises like a mountain range for several kilometers long "God transplantation(Miwatari) "can be seen.

BySamurai Japon

Because this God transit was supposed to divide the fertility (minori) and joy of crop of that year, Suwa Taisha Shrine near Lake Suwa began to be recorded by Shintoists from 1442, (Miwaitarōsho) "and other books have been left.

ByHomuta Wow

Also, in Finland there was a record similar to God transit. It flows through northern FinlandTorne RiverIt was recorded by a Finnish merchant about the time when the ice that had been covered for the winter had melted, and it seems that it had been kept since 1693. In other words, valuable data on the temperature of winter has been left for a long time in two places far away from the earth.

The research teams at York University and the University of Wisconsin focused on these data. In the team, the two, "tendency of freezing time to be delayed" and "tendency of ice to melt away", which can be seen from the data recorded in detail by these "citizen scientists", are the time when the industrial revolution of the 18th century began It is pointed out that it is greatly concerned with.

Sapna Sharma, a biologist at York University, said: "These data are very good, it's still data that has been observed and recorded by people for hundreds of years before climate change is a problem, I talk about its significance. Also, Mr. John J. Magnuson, an inland hydrologist at the University of Wisconsin said, "Although the two waters are far away from the earth, the seasonal patterns of ice are very similar "I tell you.

It will look like this when charting the data on ice summarized by the research team. This "Graph A" relates to the freezing of Lake Suwa, the change of the freezing day indicated by the black dot was delayed by 0. 19 days every 10 years from 1443 to 1683 , It has been found that from 1923 to 2014 it is delayed by 4.6 days every 10 years. In addition, the upper white circle shows the year when freezing did not occur, but you can see that the number has increased rapidly over the past 100 years. The point of gray is the period in which the reliability of the record is in doubt.

"Graph B" relates to the Torne River in Finland, and from the transition of the graph it can be seen that the timing of ice ice melting is earlier every year. And the most important thing is the fact that the slope of the graph becomes stronger around 1850 years. From this time on, it seems that before that time the day of ice melting, which had been earlier by 0.30 days per decade, has been found to speed up so that it will be earlier by 0.66 days every ten years .

Also, if you graph the rate of occurrence of special event on the weather (Extreme Event), you can see that the ratio tends to increase from around the past 100 years.

Based on these phenomena, there is a logical leap, not to mention reaching the conclusion that global warming began due to the industrial revolution, but long-term nature changes are totally observed and recorded, The point that change can find a certain relevance to the change of human civilization is said to be evaluated.

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