Playing Pokemon in the real world "Pokemon GO" Beta test play movie appeared

A game that walks around the real world like Ingress and catches Pokemon that appeared on the map "Pokémon GO"A field test from April 25 in Australia and New Zealand ahead of release in the summer of 2016startdoing. A play movie that shows what kind of game Pokémon GO is, such as "Jim Battle" fighting with other players in the real world how to catch Pokemon, is released by the test participants.

Pokemon Go Beta Gameplay (Aus) - YouTube

"Welcome to the world of Pokémon GO!"

First select the gender of the hero's Pokemon Trainer.

Subsequently, you can choose skin color, hair style, eye color, hat mark, upper and lower clothes, shoes, backpack design etc

Once you decide the name of the hero, you are ready.

In Pokémon GO, walking in the real world with a smartphone moves the map in the game in conjunction. Wild Pokemon may appear on the map, and I will catch it with a monster ball.

The point of view during the game can be switched around 360 degrees. The status of the hero is written at the bottom of the screen, and when tapped ... ...

You can check detailed information. At the start of the game level 1, the number is zero.

While progressing the game, it seems that the level of the hero goes up steadily by encountering Pokemon, catching it, evolving Pokemon in hand, hatching eggs.

Menus that can be used during the game are "Pokemon books", "tools" and "Pokemon".

In "Pokemon picture book", you can see the Pokemon encountered in the game and the Pokemon caught.

"Tool" is a list of tools such as monster balls used to catch Pokemon. At the beginning of the game, you have 20 normal monster balls.

In "Pokemon" you can see the Pokemon and the egg you possess.

Closing the menu and walking around, I arrived at a place where the arrows float fluently.

This place is called "Jim". In Jim, he belongs to one of the three teams, places 1 Pokemon on hand at the gym, protects his team's gym, and sets "Jim Battle" at the other team's gym.

The team is divided into three parts, blue, red and yellow.

To belong to the blue team this time.

When I looked at the menu "Pokemon", because it belonged to the team, "Ishizubure" was added to handheld Pokemon.

That's why we put Ishizute tote in the gym.

When Pokemon is placed in the gym, it is displayed as follows.

It seems that no other team had yet arrived at the gym who visited this time, the mark of Jim lit blue and became the gym of the blue team.

I will progress games more and more. The blue mark that appeared on the map ......

In a place called "Pocket Stop", you can get Monster Balls and Tools and Pokemon Eggs to use to catch Pokemon by tapping here. The real world historic sites and famous monuments, etc. are pocket stops, and it is said that a familiar place that I did not normally mind may also be a pocket stop.

In the Pocket Stop, it is also possible to get recovery tools such as "Genki no Katamari".

In addition to tools, we can also get a medical checkup.

An egg you get on Pocket Stop can hatch when walking a certain distance.

When walking, I found Pokemon on the map. In Pokémon GO, when the Pokemon appears near the game during game startup, the smartphone is also equipped with a function to let you know by vibrating.

Tap Pokemon, you can encounter Pokemon ......

It is possible to catch Pokemon using monster ball.

Throwing a monster ball towards a wild polygon ... ...

Great job, get on with one shot.

When you catch Pokemon, you can also get a policeman.

The caught Pokemon is registered in the Pokemon book.

In Pokemon picture book, you can check the HP · Takamas · weight · type · works of Pokemon caught.

When you accumulate a key, the hero level up. A new tool is available according to the level.

When you walk further, the wild Pokemon appears. You can check the Pokemon near you by the silhouette at the bottom right of the screen.

I encountered a wild robot.

When trying to catch it, the robot bounces around the screen and can not be caught easily.

I managed to get it.

In Pokémon GO, it is possible to evolve the caught Pokemon using "Shinkaku no Ichi".

Next I challenge Jim Battle.

From the Pokemon on hand, choose Pokemon to use for Jim Battle.

This time I chose a coil, but it is not compatible with the other's Ishizutte.

It is unfortunately defeated by Jim Battle.

If you lose the gym battle, the fighting Pokemon will be lost from your hand.

Continuing exploring the map, I encountered wild meows.

When capturing the wild Pokemon, whether to make the background animation picture of the meadow ... ....

It is possible to choose whether to activate the smartphone camera and make the real world image background.

Also, you can get badges for each number of Pokemon caught.

While walking around it, I was walking a distance of about 1 km.

"Oh, the appearance of the egg ... ...."

The egg enters the egg ... ...

Get Nyomoro.

Hatching eggs will also get you a weapon.

The egg has a feeling of excitement not knowing what Pokemon is until hatching, and it seems that it is also possible to get Pikachu from the egg.

Pokemon on hand has increased gradually.

The main character's profile looks like the following.

Pokemon books are beginning to fill up little by little, and it seems that you can get up to 137 kinds of Pokemon in the field test.

The Pokémon GO official field test is also looking for participants at the time of article creation. Participants are selected from all kinds of factors including OS type and past gameplay experience, and when you are selected as a field test participant, you will receive an invitation email from Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO official field test registration registration

◆ 2016/05/27 18: 40 Addendum
The detailed way to play Pokémon GO has been released on the official website. The following website explains the way the player walks various places in the real world as a Pokemon trainer to catch Pokemon, how to complete the Pokemon book, Jim Battle, the ability to make play more enjoyable.

The latest information on "Pokémon GO" is released | "Pokémon GO" official website

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