I tried to eat "Salty Tida Pine" cold stone where pine got stabbed in ice creamily with sour, sweetness and saltiness

Pineapple with sweetness and strong aroma from Okinawa · Ishigaki-jima "Tidapine"The fruity aroma of pine, sweetness of sourness · ice, rosy salty taste can be tasted at once"Salty Tida Pine"Has emerged from Cold Stone Creamery on Thursday, April 21. I was wondering what kind of taste the sweet salty creation called coldstone was, so I tried it at a shop.

For a limited time! Cold Stone's first sweet salty creation "Salty Tida Pine" is on sale | Cold Stone Creamery Japan Cold Stone Creamery Japan

Arrived at Coldstone Creamery. I found two types of creations, "Soratida Pine" and "Honey Lemon Pai" which is also newly appearing in the menu table at the shop front.

When you place an order quickly, a clerk mixes ice cream and ingredients on a cold slate and makes a creation while singing.

Creation is provided in a dedicated waffle ball or cone. This time we chose two kinds of waffle balls.

"Sorutitida pine" is a dish of rock salt sprinkled at the end, mixing pineapple ice cream and yoghurt taste ice cream, topping with lime pineapple julé and pineapple pulp.

Tidapine is a pineapple that can taste the juicy sweetness and aroma that Mr. Toshihide Suzuki who was awarded the first Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize in Okinawa Prefecture raised it. Originally raised seedlings selected from overseas varieties, it became possible to eat in Japan in recent years by arranging mass production regime, it is also called "phantom pine" because it is scarce.

In addition to the cut tidapine, the fruits of pineapple are mixed in the ice cream.

Yellow green lime pineapple Jure is refreshing. Although it is said that it is sprinkling rock salt from the top of the topping, I could not distinguish whether it melted in ice, even if I looked closely.

Ice cream alone tends to be rich and tasty, but pines mixed and finely chopped into ice are very juicy and sour and strong with sweet and thick ice cream. The rock salt sprinkled on the topping was as dilute as "It feels like salty if it is said ... ...."

Rich ice cream fits well with jelly with refreshing texture and flavor.

Tidapine has been cut to thick and acidity is so strong that it is perfect for making your mouth refreshing after eating ice cream.

If you pick a waffle ball, melted ice cream penetrates into the bowl, so it is good to be able to eat it all the way to the end.

"Honey lemon pie" mixes Graham Pike last in lemon ice cream and toppings honey and lemon to express the classic "lemon pie" of American sweets.

Macaroon with small pink accent.

Lemon ice is characterized by a sweet smell and a lemon acidity, and it is mixed with honey pickled lemon, so it is recommended for those who like the lemon sour flavor. Graham cookie plus a sense of texture.

Sour taste of lemon is also compatible with milky flavored whipped cream.

Cheese cream feels like thick buttery texture and cream sweetness.

Macaroon was felt like a ginger with a bite-like texture, and it was an accent of appearance and taste.

"Salty Tida Pine" "Honey Lemon Pai" prices are 680 yen including tax. It will be on sale for a limited time until July 6 (Wed) 2016.

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