A combination of yoghurt & honey as well as rich Haagen-Dazs "Honey & Milk (Yogurt Tailor)" Tasting Review

Haagen-Dazs of breakfast-like combination "yogurt and honey"Honey & milk (tailored yoghurt)"Has appeared on Tuesday, April 19, 2016. It was said that the taste like spring and summer can be enjoyed with rich and sour taste by combining fermented milk with milk, I actually bought it and tried it.

Yogurt-tailored ice cream minicup "Honey & milk (yoghurt tailor)" that fuses with honey Newly released for a limited time from Tuesday, April 19

This is the package of Haagen-Dazs "Honey & Milk (Tailored yoghurt)". It is a cool atmosphere with light blue color.

On the top of the lid is a yogurt & honey image of a breakfast of honey.

The calorie is 245 kcal per 110 ml of meal, which is almost the same as the calorie of the mini cup and vanilla is 244 kcal.

Milk fat content is 12.0%, which is lower than 15% of vanilla, but the type name is "ice cream". In the raw material name, the characters "fermented milk (sterilization)" and "honey sauce" were stated.

When I opened the lid, the inside was white. At first glance it looks like vanilla ice, but ... ...

Source was glimpsy in the middle.

I will try to eat. I imagined a casually taste like frozen yoghurt, but the milk 's richness and richness were firm, the mouthfeel was very mellow. However, the sourness and flavor of yoghurt are certainly felt.

The cross section looks something like this, ice cream and honey sauce are layers ... ...

Depending on the location, there are plenty of trolley honey sauce sandwiched. Honey sauce is not as bad as it feels firmly the unique flavor of honey. Because sweetness is strong, there is sour taste, compatibility with refreshing ice is preeminent.

When the ice melts, it mixes with the honey sauce and the delicate balance of acidity and sweetness is exquisite.

Therefore, "Honey & milk (tasting yogurt)" was different from frozen yoghurt, it was ice cream with a yoghurt flavor leaving richness of Haagen Dazs to the last. The suggested retail price is 272 yen without tax.

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