A movie that understands the mechanism of "orbit elevator" connecting the universe and the earth and technical problems

The rocket, which is the only way to enter space, requires a large amount of liquid fuel, so a massive launch cost is required every time. While this expensive launch cost is one of the factors hindering the development of space development, what is conceived as an idea to be able to advance into outer space at a lower cost than a rocket is "Orbit elevator (Space elevator)"is. I can understand what technical problems are left by the movie that Illustrated with the mechanism of orbit elevator which has the possibility to be realized even at the current technical level.

Space Elevator - Science Fiction or the Future of Mankind? - YouTube

I think that there are many people who dream of the SF world that can travel freely to the universe ... ...

The current space development level does not realize the SF world, and it is the present situation that only astronauts or rich people can go to space.

An idea that fulfills such a dream of space travel is "Orbit Elevator"

To understand the mechanism of orbital elevator, we need to know the concept of "orbit". "Rocket enters into orbit" is said, but "entering into orbit" means "keep on falling".

Throwing a ball will draw an arc and fall to the ground ... ...

The same thing happens in the universe. In the universe you can continue to fly by going fast, that is, you can fly around the earth.

To get into the orbit from the earth it is necessary for the rocket to consume a large amount of fuel and reach the flight speed that can enter into orbit.

On the other hand, if you can launch a rocket from a high position like outer space, you can earn speed with less fuel.

You can understand children thinking about rocket toys and taking ants as an example. Even if ants hanging on children's hands jump, they can only fly a bit.

It is the same as ants can jump far far if they are caught in a toy.

In other words, if the rocket can be blown from outer space, the initial speed is extremely fast, so we can launch the rocket at a speed that allows the rocket to orbit around even a small amount of fuel. It will also be able to gain a great advantage in interplanetary navigation.

With an orbital elevator, a new world of space development opens. However, tremendous expense is required to make an orbital elevator. Whether it matches the value to make, "one launch cost of 160 million dollars (about 172 billion yen) to 187 million dollars (about 20 billion yen)"Atlas VI'll think about it.

Atlas V requires a total of 414 tons of liquid fuel for each part at launch.

When you send "Space courier" using Atlas V, it costs 2 million dollars (about 2.15 million yen) per kg.

A tremendous amount of money, 1.3 million dollars (about 140 million yen) when sending humans, $ 40 million (about 4,310 million yen) for cars, $ 100 million (about 10.7 billion yen) at the space station.

These huge costs are the biggest bottleneck in space development. Even if the technology is established, it is not likely that the space rockets will still be able to ride easily like airplanes.

Therefore, I estimate that the installation cost of the track elevator will be $ 20 billion (about 2.1 trillion yen). Once you make it, you can transport the goods with the orbital elevator, so you can calculate it from the launch cost of the rocket and get the original.

The cargo transport amount per kg is 200 dollars (about 21,000 yen). If you finish carrying 1 million tons of cargo, it is a calculation that can get original. One million tons is equivalent to two space stations.

How does such a trajectory elevator work? The major components of the track elevator are "tether (rope)", "weight", "anchor (anchor)" and "elevator body".

Connect an earth-side anchor and the weight of outer space with a tether ......

If you attach the elevator body to the tether, you can go up and down the universe and the earth just like a normal elevator.

The tether needs as much as 36,000 km in length, which is about three times the diameter of the earth. If it is a weight that pulls such a long tether straight, it is possible to put a rocket launcher.

Although the mechanism of the track elevator has been invented in this way, it is extremely difficult to actually make it. Especially the tether is light and cheap · It needs to be sturdier than the existing substance. Graphene andCarbon nanothreadAlthough it is listed as a candidate for tether, strength is said to be insufficient.

In addition to strength, we must also consider countermeasures against rain corrosion, space radiation and space debris.

Also, it takes a few days for the elevator to rise to space, but to raise it requires a power source that creates enormous energy.

I have not found a suitable means yet whether to put a nuclear reactor on a power source or whether it will manage with a laser.

Even if the material of the tether is decided, it is uncertain how to procure 36,000 km material.

Although the material may be able to discover a large amount of minerals from another planet ... ...

Technical challenges such as whether to extend the tether from space or extend from the earth are still left.

The dangers of accidents must also be considered. If the tether extending from the anchor embedded in the earth's ground is cut off ......

Space anchor flies away from the earth with a large amount of tether. In addition, there may be a catastrophe that the lifting machine of the elevator falls to the earth.

On the other hand, if the anchor's tether has broken ......

A rope that is three times the size of the earth and a lifting machine of the elevator may become huge debris and fly around the earth.

Therefore, if you are going to make an orbital elevator, failure will not be tolerated. It is the same as saying Yoda of Star Wars as "Do. Or do not. There is no try." ("Do not try", do it or do it).

To reduce the technical barriers, the idea of ​​"trying to make it in January" is also suggested.

Since the gravity is lighter than the earth in the moon, you can use existing substances such as Kevlar as a tether.

In this way, making an orbital elevator is a very difficult challenge although it can gain various benefits.

If the track elevator is completed, it means "the era of the universe" which realizes the SF world.

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