Construction cost of Death Star of Space Fortress that appeared in "Star Wars" is calculated

Space Fortress Death Star known for its overwhelming size and a round design like a star which appeared in the movie "Star Wars". Death Star is a huge space fortress shaped like a star as its name implies, with a super laser with power enough to crush a small planet with a single blow. Furthermore, material costs and the cost of transporting the material to outer space, which was spent for the construction of a very space-sized fortress that there are many self-defense laser weapons, are calculated.

Details are as below.
One Death Star for $ 15 Septillion? What a deal!

Calculations were done assuming 1/10 tenth of the size. Death Star is said to be 160 km in diameter according to the official setting, the volume is about 1 7160 trillion cubic meters. If it is one tenth, it weighs 13 kt 4000 trillion tons. As of 2008, the average price of iron products is 962 dollars per ton (about 86,000 yen), so if you think that it was made entirely of iron, it is 1 垓 2950 dollars (about 116 垓 2680 Kyou yen).

The cost required to carry 1 ton of material to space is 95 million dollars (about 8.5 billion yen) and the shipping cost is 12 sakes 7,900 dollars (about 1148 yen). Furthermore, if the cost of transporting air is also added,15, 602, 022, 489, 829, 821, 422, 840, 226 dollars 94 cents (about 1,400 yen)It will be.

Although it is a very rough thing to calculate ignoring various expenses and conditions such as land transportation cost, construction cost in space, weather change etc, Japan now has about 500 trillion yen of GDP per year · Death · It will take about 2.8 trillion billion years to build a star. In the SF world, it may be built because of more specialized materials and developed transport technology, but it seems that tremendous time and expense are needed in our world now.

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