How is chocolate made from cocoa beans?

ByMatt Chan

Cacao, the raw material of chocolate, is produced mainly in Africa and Latin America, but the movie that followed the manufacturing process of chocolate, how the fruit of cacao turns into chocolate is "Do You Know Where Chocolate Comes From?"is.

Do You Know Where Chocolate Comes From? - YouTube

The raw material of chocolate is the fruit which becomes a cacao tree.

Cacao trees grow in tropical areas near the equator from 10 degrees north to 10 degrees south latitude. When harvesting fruits, use long bars ......

Attach a blade to the tip and cut off the fruit.

Harvest fruits dropped on the ground.

When breaking the fruit, beans are contained in the beans, and the beans immediately after harvest taste sweet and fruity.

In order to give a bitter taste peculiar to chocolate, put the beans that you take out into a leaf of banana or a wooden box and let it ferment for 5 to 7 days.

After fermentation, the beans are dried in the sun for 4 days, but it is necessary to roll the beans every 2 hours so as to dry evenly.

Next I will put the beans in a pot and roast.

In this process, it seems that the flavor of chocolate is further drawn out.

After roasting, peel the cacao beans and complete the cocoa nibs, which are the main ingredients of chocolate.

Next is making sugar to add sweetness to chocolate. To bring out the original bitter taste of cacao, sweet sugar seems to be indispensable.

Cut the sugar cane stem to an appropriate size ......

Put it in a water-covered pot and boil down the juice contained in the stem.

When boiling down slowly, sugarcane juice will bleed into the supernatant.

Remove only the supernatant and boil down further to complete a completely black broth.

As the soup cools, it turns into a brownish lump, so scrape off the broth that cakes on the dish ......

I put it in a mixer.

If finely pulverized, powder sugar is finished.

Next, put the cacao nib into an oil squeezer and grind it to muddy to make cacao mass.

It is cacao butter of fat contained in cacao nib that is scattered from the machine.

Cocoa butter, at first glance, is dark yellow like honey and has thickening.

Mix cacao mass, cacao butter, sugar and let it mix for at least 8 hours.

When it becomes a smooth liquid, spread it on the tableTemperingBy doing, you can create a crisp crunch and a smooth melting in the mouth when you consolidate.

Finally pour chocolate into mold ......

If you cool down and solidify, it is completed.

It is the completion of board chocolate.

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