A trailer will be made public with a distribution decision of a different color animation "Boltron", a different color hyperlink robot called Golion × Dairagher XV

Television Animation"Boltolon"Toei and Bandai involved in the production"Beastmaker King Golion"When"Armored Fleet Daillagher XV"A series made up of two robot animations, produced in series, has been made until the media mix development such as comics and games. Boltron's new anime series that integrated Japanese animation in a hyperlink format and has evolved independently overseas has been delivered by Netflix, and its trailer has been released.

Forming a Legend | VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER - YouTube

Gogogogo and the door are open ......

Robot projected.

A glittering eyes.

A lion of red, blue, black, green, yellow gives a cock ......

Jump and join with Spin!

Each part will coalesce one after another.

The appearance of coalescing with Gachan Gachan is up and the tension is the highest tide.

The exciting development.

Parts of the arm are worn ......

The head of the lion also coalesced!

Eyes shining in the dark emerge ... ...

Boltron completed.

Boltron with a colorful body with five lion coalescence.

Sprinkle it ... ....

The title logo appeared when cutting the screen.

"Boltolon" will be delivered in the US Netflix from June 10, 2016, whether or not it will be delivered in Japan Netflix is ​​undecided.

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The latest trailer of Boltron has been released and has gained popularity in the comment section on YouTube.


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