Rolls-Royce movie "Rolls-Royce future shore control center" depicting the future remotely performing SF navigation management of unmanned vessels

A system like one scene of such science fiction movie that several staff gather in the central control room and manage unmanned transport ship sailing the sea of ​​the world in one unit may be realized.Rolls-Royce, who develops a "drone transport ship" that carries cargo unmannedMovie created by "Rolls-Royce future shore control center", The unmanned" drone ship "is managed remotely from the control room"OX Concept"The ship management system of the future that enables it is drawn.

Rolls-Royce future shore control center - YouTube

A cargo ship traveling offshore. Its appearance with its outer skin covered smoothly makes me feel that it is a ship of the near future.

This ship is controlled by Rolls-Royce's West Coast VTS (Vessel Trafic System: Finnish Traffic Control System) in Finland. It is a facility in the city "Rauma" on the west coast of Finland, which controls maritime traffic in the Baltic Sea and the Bosnia Bay leading to Sweden and Estonia in the neighboring country.

Suddenly the building displayed CG. It seems that the ship management of the future is being done in a place written as "control room".

When the camera enters, it is a control room that appears in science fiction movies as well as inside. This is the remote control room which is the center of the "oX concept (Operator eXperience)" advocated by Rolls-Royce, a huge display that displays ship information on a global scale, and a hologram that displays information in the air are used We are.

The operator who manages the ship sits on the chair and manages the ship based on the information displayed on the display in front of you.

The sound "♪ Picone" sounded. Apparently, an operator who listens to the voice of the computer with the appearance of an abnormality on the ship.

The artificial sound is "Dynamic positioning / report.DGPS 1, communication with the ship" RR - 9835 "has been lost, the recommended action is" diagnosis "and the command is". " We will guide you and wait for instructions from the operator.

The operator instructs "Proceed" to proceed with diagnostic work.

Then, a screen for checking various items flows ......

Check is completed. There was no problem with navigation such as GPS, and it was confirmed that there was a problem that the communication device (transmission) stopped. "The possible problem is a physical malfunction, the command is ..." to the voice, the operator ...

"Standby: I will take a closer look at it."

Then operate the touch panel. When I operate an icon written "Drones" ...

The drones are displayed on the hologram, and "Drones 01 to 0 drone 08 is ready for inspection flight. You can see that the images of eight drone images are projected on the display.

The operator told "Drone 01 and Dron 02. Flight plan is" Standard inspection routine "."

Furthermore, when speaking to "with camera control" manual control by "eye track" ... ...

Blue light was irradiated to the left and right eyes. Apparently it seems that the function of tracking movement of the eyeball and manipulating drone's camera is implemented.

On the screen, the state of the hull caught by the flying drones is displayed.

As a result of inspection by drone, it turned out that the communication antenna at the hull bottom was broken.

"Develop a replacement antenna, reserve a post-inspection for the failed antenna, and exchange at the next port of call". In the past, it means that the series of correspondence that the ship's staff had done on site was completed while sitting in the chair in the room.

After that, the computer prepares the necessary materials and asks the operator "Recommended action: Please" Please break and refresh "" It is nice to show the drink icon on the hologram.

Ship information is also displayed on a huge screen in the center of the room. Another staff takes over the correspondence.

Staff to check materials on tablet

Computer reports "There is information that the fluctuation of the environmental efficiency exceeding the prescribed numerical value is continuous in RR - 9835".

The staff who heard it calls the driving system staff with a tablet ......

I will take over.

The staff who inherited the situation investigated the situation on the screen

We rely on the sound picked up by the mike of the ship to understand the problem

By scrutinizing the sound data, it seems that the possibility of the problem turned out

Once you know the cause, call the staff and hold the meeting

In the table for the meeting, the structure of the hull is projected with a hologram.

Based on the information gathered, staff to consider offshore ship countermeasures in the control room.

When you hold your hand, the problematic part is selected ......

Staff to explain while holding in hand. "Judging from the sound data, there seems to be a problem with the feedback sensor, I think that navigation can be continued by bypassing this sensor"

"But, I want to hear your opinion before that," he seems to talk about countermeasures.

By leveraging technology like this, Rolls-Royce thinks that future ship navigation management will be mostly done in the control room, and safety and efficiency will be realized.

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