A huge antenna group connecting artificial satellite above 36 thousand kilometers to the ground, Yamaguchi Satellite Communication Center infiltration report

Yamaguchi Prefecture has the largest satellite communication facility in Japan, which has a huge parabolic antenna group that receives radio waves from artificial satellites at about 36,000 kilometers above the equator. This time that "KDDI Yamaguchi Satellite Communication Center"When"Parabola HallI was able to go to the interview in the interview, so I have paid all the images, including the back side of the communication equipment that I can hardly see, to every corner.

KDDI Yamaguchi Satellite Communication Center


The nearest Shinkansen station is Shin Yamaguchi.

In a place I ran for about an hour with a wagon taxi like this "KDDI Yamaguchi Satellite Communication Center"there is.

Suddenly, I found a huge antenna on the way to the mountainous country way.

Looking at the following materials taken by KDDI, you can see that a huge parabolic antenna is forested in a small town in the mountains.

This facility is used for the purpose of international communication and TV transmission connecting Japan with about 50 countries and regions worldwide where communication via submarine cables can not be done and for backing up existing base stations in the event of a disaster It is said that there is a site area of ​​about 3 Tokyo Dome.

By the way, this is the only large satellite communication facility owned by KDDI, and this place was chosen because it is a location that can simultaneously receive radio waves from geosynchronous satellites on the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, surrounded by mountains Because it is a basin, it is hard to be affected by microwave communication, and there are few occurrences such as earthquakes, it seems to be the reason.

Arrived at the entrance gate.

A plate written as "KDDI Corporation Yamaguchi Satellite Communication Center".

Inside the facility

Exhibition facility where general visit is also possible right on entering gateParabola Hall"there is.

The way to the facility is like this.

A huge parabolic antenna which is higher than the building's building is installed.

In order to enter from here you need a badge dealt to the interviewees.

At present it is an antenna with a diameter of about 32 m which is used for observation as a radio telescope.

Compared with the car in front, you can see its enormity.

Looking a little closer and like this.

Further up.

Besides this, a medium-sized parabola antenna is growing, and the total number is 20.

Antenna for TV transmission reception which was slightly changed shape.

Many antennas are installed beside the road.

Looking at the antenna from the side like this.

The inside of the antenna contains parts such as the following photographs, it seems that radio waves are transmitted and received here.

The diameter of the largest parabolic antenna in this facility is about 34 m. Compared with the person walking on the left side of the picture, I can understand the enormity of the antenna well.

A sign with written knowledge about antennas in the facility.

Because the antenna is white, it is a color that is easy to reflect heat. It is making it difficult for the panel to distort by expansion due to heat.

It has been designed to withstand a storm of wind speed of 55 m / s, and communication has been disrupted due to the damage of the typhoon since the start of operation of the facility has never been for 43 years.

Since it has 800 kW heater, it is possible to melt the snow.

Since it is necessary to direct the antenna to the communication satellite which is always above the sky, it can be adjusted in units of 1/1000 degrees.

I also went inside the building

Sneak into the inside of a building with a control room.

The state where the light disappeared is like this.

The internal equipment is mounted on a horizontal 19 "rack as shown below.

A machine that modulates and demodulates radio waves received from a satellite called a modem.


Transmission equipment for TV transmission.

The equipment used to receive TV transmission is as follows.

A part for blocking the opened port.

Since many labels for management are affixed to racks and machines, it seems that "price tag peeling" is required at the time of replacement.

Although it is a control room in the future, photography is prohibited for the entire interior.

Telephone for receiving distress signals placed in the control room. It is mainly for responding to a rescue signal from a ship or the like.

With a blue turning light.

The demonstration equipment of INMARSAT-B that can perform data communication up to about 64 kbps is like this.

In the upper left corner of the keyboard there is a button to send a distress signal.

Inside the parabola hall

1/20 model of "Ariane 44L type rocket" at the entrance. It seems that radio waves from artificial satellites launched from French Guiana using this rocket are being received at this center.

The model of the launched satellite is like this.

Small communication terminals for INMARSAT BGAN are also exhibited.

It corresponds to IP packet communication etc up to 492 kbps.

Since KDDI will conduct a communication experiment using a mobile base station installed on the ship and this satellite communication center at a later date jointly with the "patrol ship Kurosuse" owned by the 6th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters I am going to infiltrate the site and report.

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