Warota Planter "in which someone grass grows on the earth when someone" www "on the net grows grass

"If everyone gets a smile in the world of the net, if truly" grass "grows in the real world, and if someone can smile again through the newly born green. We have developed a product that realizes such a world "was invented by saying that it might be a breakthrough item"Warota Planter"is. It is an item that analyzes the laugh on Twitter in real time and grows "grass" as many as the number of laughter, and you can see the whole picture of the novel idea from the movie.

I made a grass-growing robot in the world with "w" on the net www | Warota Planter - Nico Nico Douga: GINZA

You can check on what Warota Planter is like from the following movie.

Welcome to the world www wa | | Warota Planter - YouTube

This appeared at the beginning of the movie "Warota Planter"

What on earth is it like? Commentary begins with that. As the Earth's desertification progresses, there is a world where "greening" progresses as opposed to that trend.

That is the Internet world.

"W" meaning laugh in the Internet world is also expressed as "to grow grass". If grass grew really in the real world every time grass grows in the Internet world?

And if someone can smile again through the newly born green.

Warota Planter was created from such thought.

When someone posts tweets containing "w" on Twitter, the number is sent to the Warota Planter as a signal, and the Warota Planter actually grows grass on the earth.

That is why Warota Planter actually grows grass.

Warota Planter will move forward with the voice "Warota".

Grass sprouts are dropped from the main body by the number of laughter including tweets.

The main body is equipped with "WALOTA LIGHT" that receives laughter on the net and shines. In addition, we adopt a caterpillar type drive wheel so that we can proceed gradually even on rough roads.

All grass units dropped from the grass cultivation unit use organic matter, and it is a mechanism to change it naturally.

Although it has not been implemented yet, it is expected to be able to move with sunlight in the future, mass production is planned.

By "laughing the net, grass in the world", it was Walota planter.

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