"MapD Tweetmap" that visualizes who tweeted it from where and what you tweeted on the map

The service that visualized the data such as what kind of things are tweeted in the whole place in the world and which data of tweet of many languages ​​in a certain area is displayed on the map is "MapD Tweetmap"is.

MapD Tweetmap

Looks like this, each fine point shows one tweet made at that place.

By default, tweets are color coded by language. America has many English and Spanish comes out when entering Mexico.

From Middle East to India.

And Japanese is overwhelmingly overwhelmingly Japanese. The number of tweets seems to be scattered according to the population density, but you can see the tweets on the ocean as well.

The map can be zoomed in and out. It is like this when you go to the metropolitan area.

Tokyo Big Sight area. Tweet data is not real time, it is from November 2014 to March 2015,Comic Market 87You can see tweets of people who participated in (2014 winter comi) etc.

I also found tweets of Thai people.

The menu at the bottom of the screen can be switched between "Language" and "Source", and what is tweeted from "Source" is displayed. In Japan, iOS seems to be dominant ... ...

Worldwide, Android is slightly dominant.

In the menu on the left side, click the second icon from the topCoroPressIt becomes a display.

The smaller the number of tweets, the thinner the color, the more the number of tweets, the darker the color is displayed.

The Japanese archipelago is like this, the total number of tweets during the measurement period is about 3 million tweets ... ...

Tokyo is 390 7294 tweets

Aichi 197,878 tweets

320 000 1113 Osaka

I think that only data is not acquired, but Saga was 0 tweet.

In addition, a hash tag with many tweets is displayed on the right side of the screen. This "# mtvstars" is ...

Although it is hardly tweeted in Japan, tweets are scattered around the world. This decides the artist of that year "MTV StarsIn the tweet used in the project called "#mtvstars" in the tweet, since the aggregation is done just by tweeting it, a lot of tweets were done.

A Japanese hash tag could also be searched. For example, the search result of "# ship this" is like this. A bit aggregated data is old, so tweets of events that took place in the autumn of 2014 gathered.

Of course, there are many Japanese people doing this tweet ......

There were also people who tweeted in Jakarta.

This "MapD Tweetmap" was created as a demonstration of "GPU database" called "MapD", you can feel that data processing and visualization is performed at high speed.

The MapD Gpu-Powered Tweetmap: Instant Social Media Analytics

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