"Instagloss" which clarifies only the place to read of English long sentences and also explains the glossary

ByMichael Hiemstra

People who do not have English as their mother tongue often have difficulty reading long English sentences. Such a person is convenient when it says "I do not want detailed expressions, I want to understand only the outline anyway"Instagloss"It is possible to display only the important part of the English sentence," I do not need to understand ", and it is very convenient to display the meaning only by clicking on a word which I do not know It is an item.


Instagloss has Chrome extensions and Firefox add-ons, which you can download from the following page.

Instagloss for chrome - Chrome Web Store

Instagloss :: Add-ons for Firefox

So I tried Chrome extension this time. Please go to the above page and click "Add to CHROME".

"Do you want to add" Instagloss for chrome "?" Click "Add extension" as you are asked.

When the installation is completed, the icon will be added next to the address bar with the following feeling.

So I will actually try using it. For example, although the following article is generally said to be "when younger than after aging, head rotation is fast and memory is high", but some cognitive functions include not only young but also 30 to 40 There is something that will have a peak in its place.

When is the peak of cognitive skills of the brain such as memory power and information processing speed? - GIGAZINE

Source was the following website.

The rise and fall of cognitive skills | MIT News

The English sentence stood out like this with such feeling.

Click the Instagloss icon next to the address bar here.

Then, the original article with the Instagloss filter was displayed on the new tab. Since all the extra things such as comments and advertisements are removed and only sentences are displayed, it is very easy to see.

The body is thinned according to the importance of the contents, and it is written with emphasis in bold letters. As the bold letters become more important, if you want to understand only the outline as smoothly as possible, you only have to read the part written the thickest and darker.

That is why it is like this if you extract only the portion that was darkest and thickest in the English sentences. I do not know the details, but somehow I am able to grasp only the summary.

(At the same time, as for Hartshorne's visual short-term memory tasks, the subject's ability to reach a peak reaches its peak in the same time, Hartshorne found that subjects' peaked in the early 30s. I discovered that it is in his thirties)

Together, these tests measure about 30 different subsets of intelligence, such as digit memorization, visual search, and assembling puzzles. (In addition, perceptual tasks such as jigsaw puzzles, visual search, memorization of figures were also tested)

The researchers gathered data from nearly 50,000 subjects and found that they were testing peaked at a different age (When the researchers gathered data of nearly 50,000 subjects, the cognitive function peaked by type It was clearly shown that the age group to enter is different)

Meanwhile, short-term memory continues to when around age 25, when it levels off and then begins to drop around age 35. (On the other hand, short-term memory ability started to improve at about 25 years old, I kept stable ability until I started falling)

These results confirmed that crystallized intelligence peaks later in life, as previously believed, but the researchers also found something unexpected: While data from the Weschler IQ tests suggested that vocabulary peaks in the late 40s, the new data showed a later peak, in the late 60s or early 70s. (The result has been to strengthen the contents that had been believed so far that the peak of intelligence will come to the end of life,Wechsler adult intelligence testShows that the peak of vocabulary power comes to your 40s, but in the new study it shows that it is in his 60s to 70s)

Let's try it with an autobiographical story of Larry Page, one of Google's founders this time.

What is the feeling behind the backstage behind Google's Larry Page back to the CEO - GIGAZINE

The original source isBusiness InsiderSo the length of the article can be seen from the smallness of the scroll bar. It takes time to read this entire sentence ....

Click the Instagloss icon.

Then, as before, all the advertisements etc were displayed in the deleted state.

Business Insider is an inventor who is unfaithful to the life of Larry PageNicolas · TeslaAs articles go forward in analogy ... ...

When it is filtered by Instagloss, the character color of the entire paragraph becomes overwhelmingly thinner as "Nicolas · Tesla part is unnecessary".

On the other hand, it is clear that most of the paragraphs that describe the situation at the time Larry Page was founded are bold, and only the main part is extracted.

Furthermore, there are functions such as "Auto", "Refine" and "Unrefine" at the bottom of the screen, and clicking on Auto ... ...

64% of the whole sentence is deleted, only the important part is left. Furthermore, when you click Refine ... ....

By further increasing the amount to be trimmed and eliminating unnecessary unnecessary sentences, it is possible to read only the essence of articles.

In addition, while using Instagloss, it is convenient to be able to read detailed meanings by simply clicking on words that are not understood.

I will explain not only general words but also proper nouns. If you want to get more information, click "more" in a balloon and it is OK.

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