What is the work of men called "time rulers"?

The watch in the world, especially the digital watch as built in the computer, is carving time without going crazy, thanks to people who keep that "time". That is "the ruler of the time"Juuda LevineMr. is.

Just Call Him the 'Time Lord' - YouTube

The title of this movie is "THE KEEPER OF THE CLOCKS" (keeper's keeper).

Watches are too 'serious' tooNIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)Fellow of Juda Levine.

Mr. Levine's alias is "Time Road (ruler of the time)." This is the name of the alien race who appears in the SF drama "Doctor Who", and the doctor who is the protagonist of the drama is one of the time lord. They are called "time road (ruler of time)" because they are tribes that produced time machines.

In response to this, the interviewer "TardisDo you know? "A question is asked. Tardis is a time-load transcendental space-time space moving device ... ... ie time machine. Levine laughed, "I am the only doctor I have."

However, there is only what is called "the ruler of the time", Levine's doing is "to keep time."

NIST's laboratory located in Boulder, Colorado.

Here we operate an atomic clock and set "standard time".

Once there was also a time when it was OK if rough time was known like "sunrise" "sunset" ... ...

At the moment the atomic clock is steadily carving "accurate" time. If it is high precision, its error is "1 second to 100 million years".

Forty-five years ago, NIST team produced the mechanism of this atomic clock. Levine was one of them.

"Precise time" sent from atomic clocks supports smart phones, power grids and financial markets.

Mr. Levine confirms whether this "accurate time" is inscribed every day, and makes fine adjustments.

Atomic clock also in the cabin.

If this atomic clock stops, it will be a horrible level to imagine what it would be like to be terrible, since the systems and the Internet that support smartphones around the world will be unusable.

As a matter of fact, there are more than 400 atomic clocks around the world including those in Boulder's laboratories, which sets the time on average, so it seems that even if only one unit breaks it will not be a big problem .

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