What is the surprising relationship between Wikipedia's edit battle and Pocket Monsters?

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"Gameboy software" Gameboy software "Pokémon red / green" was released in 1996, the "Pocket Monster" series celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016, in the year of milestoneThe latest in the series"Pocket Monster Sun" and "Pocket Monster Moon" were announced. Pokemon has expanded not only in the frame of the game but also in animation, trading card games, manga and so on, has given great influence not only to Japan but also to the world, Pokemon has a big influence also on Wikipedia "Pokemon testThere is a campaign called 'Hello!

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Since Wikipedia allows unspecified large number of users to post and edit articles, "Edit battleYou may encounter a problem called. Editing battle is a state of deletion, remand, and addition of sentences in the article repeated, in which some editors and deleted people repeat deletion and reposting of the articles themselves.


In the deleted battle that the user who judged the legitimacy of the article and the meaning of existence and deemed it unnecessary deleted and the editor resubmits the article, it has been discussed for 20 years as "Pokémon test(Pokemon test) "exercise. Pokemon test, in short, is "to appeal from the perspective of Pokemon to rescue articles to be deleted".

For example, when a totally different article from Pokemon is about to be deleted, a discussion such as "Why is not posting of this article is posted though that article of Pokemon is posted?" In 2005, one editorial user said: "If there were individual stories of all characters appearing in Star Wars, Star Trek, Pokemon,Nicholas Hopper ProfessorThere should also be articles of "I posted the opinion to the Pokemon test.

According to Wikipedia's posting, Professor Nicholas Hopper is doing research on VFD (fluorescent indicator tube). Although he got a doctorate in 2004, there are no published articles but publications remark at the meeting It is a professor who is limited to being a member who is discussing about posting individual articles as of 2016. In other words, from the point of view of the Pokemon test, if articles of all characters appearing in Pokemon are allowed, posting of articles should be allowed even for persons without big achievement like Professor Nicholas Hopper.

At the time of service start, Wikipedia said there were 400 individual articles on characters appearing in Pokemon. However, although it can be understood that there is an article of Pikachu which is a character representative of the series and widely recognized, if it is told whether an article of Madatsu Bomi is necessary or not, there should be someone who can head himself even among Pokemon fans. If it is a Pokemon capture site it is natural that there is an article by Madatsu Bomi, but Wikipedia seems not to be a suitable place for posting basic data and habitats of Madatsu Bomi.


Before the Pokemon test appeared, there was even "Karen Importance Test" which refers to "Karin", one of the four heavenly kings that appear in Pokemon, as an index on the existence of individual character articles. Because Karin's article was not deleted, it seems there was a movement to save individual articles of characters as important as Karin from deletion, but the Karen Importance Test gradually lost power as the Pokemon test emerged As a result, the article of Karin was to be deleted.

Wikipedia editor Robert Fernandez says, "Editing battle like the Pokemon test is very strict in terms of language and expression, so it's better to keep the distance as far as possible," while "Pokemon is a statistical measure It will help us to discuss the systematic bias that the external pressure will influence, "he says.

As of 2016, when writing articles on fiction works with Wikipediarule, And most of the characters appearing in the Pokemon series are listed in each series, and "List of Pokemon"You can check the list from the list.

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