Understand the reasons that "Piss is not good after being jestled by jellyfish", the mechanism of jellyfish attack

ByJerry Burke

As private therapy, there are times when it is said that "After a jellyfish has been stabbed, you should have a pee", but there are times when it is said that "the way to put on your pet is superstitious". So why do you have to pee, what kind of mechanism is the jellyfish attack in the first place? A movie that is explained from the place is being published on YouTube.

How does a jellyfish sting? - Neosha S Kashef - YouTube

When swimming in the sea my hands and feet are scratchy ......

You may notice "You are stabbed by jellyfish!"

What kind of mechanism is a beautiful jellyfish that drifts in the sea to make such an attack?

Before that, I explain from the ecology of jellyfish. Jellyfish is made of 95% of body by moisture.

It is made of translucent and gel-like material called mesogrea, and the body is very flexible.

Tentacles have cells containing thousands of "poison cells" poisons ......

I use bait cells to feed and protect themselves from enemies.

Even a baby jellyfish with a size of eraser attached to a mechanical pencil can attack people.

Epila, a larva of jellyfish, is like a flower that jumps in the sea.

As it grows it becomes a creature shaped like an umbrella with a bell-shaped head and tentacles.

A kind of jellyfish called Lion's mane jellyfish (Kita Yui Lei jellyfish) looks like it seems to have the mane of the literally literally, and the total length can reach 30 meters. This is a huge size than the blue whale.

Also many of the sperm cells are included in the tentacles, but some of them are included in the bell section.

The inside of the phlegm keeps high osmotic pressure, and there are things like Mori wound in it.

When the surface lid is opened with some kind of stimulus ......

Seawater intrudes into the gnaths and shoots like sharp objects are fired.

And if the partner is a human, the needle penetrates the skin and injects poison into the body. In addition, at this time, the launch of the ginseng is done in one millionth of a hour, it is said to be one of the earliest biochemical reactions among living creatures.

Because jellyfish may continue to firing needle even after death, it is very important to remove the tentacles attached to the body.

Pouring vinegar on the affected part can also deactivate unexpected phlegm.

Also, attaching the affected area to the seawater will help remove the remaining spiders.

However, if fresh water is used, the osmotic pressure around the cistern changes and attention is paid because the needle is fired.

According to folk remedy, there is a thing called "Pissing if jellyfish is stabbed", but depending on the ingredients of urine osmotic pressure is changed and the needle of the cavern is launched, which may deteriorate the state of the affected part Let's avoid it.

Jellyfish also exists that it is only accompanied by pain even if it is stabbed,Australian bumps jellyfishBecause it releases a poison that causes myocardial contraction, it is also possible to kill instantly when the amount of poison is high.

There is an antidote but because it is a quick-acting poison, it is important to deal instantaneously.

It is a jellyfish with amazing attack power, but it is not unbeatable in the sea.A leatherback turtleYa

Poison is not effective for living creatures with thick skin such as sunfish.

These creatures have a body structure that does not miss a slippery jellyfish.

In the turtle's mouth and esophagus there is a backward facing ... ...

There is a rebent tooth on the back side of the cheeks of sunfish.

In addition, small semi shrimp larvae adhere to jellyfish bells, graze around jelly while moving, and use energy for growth.

In addition, some small fish protect themselves with jellyfish while avoiding tentacles.

The ears are eating tentacles of jellyfish ......

I take in poison in my body and use it as my weapon.

Humans are also trying to utilize the jellyfish of the jellyfish ... ...

Since the jellyfish spider has only about 3% of the size of a general injection needle, research is being conducted whether it can be used as a means to inject medicine.

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