Goldman Sachs points out "Airbnb's possibility to drive hotel industry"

Accommodation service where local people can provide vacant rooms "Airbnb"Is only eight years since its appearance in 2008, and it has raised its name recognition as a hotel alternative as a" accommodation "when traveling. As for the P2P type accommodation service like that Airbnb, Goldman Sachs responded by answering from 2000 Americans and it is pointed out that crisis has come to the hotel industry.

Goldman Sachs: More and More People Who Use Airbnb Do not Want to Go Back to Hotels - Bloomberg Business

According to a survey report released by the Goldman Sachs group, the possibility of choosing a traditional hotel as the next option will drop by nearly half if there have been experiences of P2P type accommodation services like Airbnb in the past. The following is a summary of the questionnaire result on the graph, and the left end represents the percentage of people who say "traditional hotels are better". 79% of people who have never used the P2P type accommodation service have selected a conventional hotel, but if the P2P type accommodation service has been used within the past 5 years, the proportion has dropped to 40% You can see that it is.

In other words, if you use a service like Airbnb at least once, you will have the influence that the answer result will turn 180 degrees. Also, in the question "Were you using the P2P accommodation service in 2015?" 67% for aged 18-24, 75% for 25 - 34 years old, 64% for 35 - 44 years old "experienced usage" We have answered that it has been found that not only Airbnb but also the number of users of "same-industry services" such as HomeAway and FlipKey has increased, and the age range of users is wide.

Also, in the graph that examined the usage rate of P2P type service by annual income of respondents, there is no perfect correlation between income height and utilization rate, and it is about 70,000 dollars (about 8 million yen) to 119,999 dollars It is understood that the utilization rate of people with income of 13 million yen exceeds about 70%. "It is possible to stay cheaper than the hotel" is one of the advantages of P2P type accommodation services such as Airbnb, but it may be becoming one of the options to choose accommodation destinations regardless of income.

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