I tried to drink "Dyodo Blend Umami Blend" pursuing a new taste in the pulp of coffee cherries

Daido Drinko sending various coffees such as "Blend Coffee", "Demitasse Coffee", "Supervision of the World's Best Barista" with the brand of "Daido Blend", "pursuing a new taste" different from the pastDyodo blend Komabu blendWe will send it on February 29 (Monday). I tried a quick taste as to how I changed not only the coffee beans but also the whole fruit pulp.

For 40 years, "New Standard" of canned coffee has appeared from "Daido Blend" pursuing the original taste of material! "Dyodo Blend Komabu blend" ~ Whole coffee beans as well as flesh used ~

Coffee pulp? It is! Twitter Campaign in Progress! | Dydo Blend | Dido Drinko

Dido blend and can of "umami blend". "Daido blend" logo is a little smaller, instead the picture of coffee fruit and "umami" letters are greatly stamped out. You can see that the impression has changed considerably from the conventional Dyodoo blend.

What Dido Drinko expressed as a deliciousness of the new coffee is "umami", it is realized by fusing a rich flavor of coffee with a slight sweetness of coffee cherries.

Raw material is like this. The characteristic is "coffee cherry extract", which is the origin of flavor and fragrance. In addition, Daido's commitment that it does not use any fragrance. It is the point that you can understand the difference that it will be as soon as time passes after opening the cans than can coffee using other companies' fragrance.

As it was said that it was sold in cold and hot for vending machines, one group chilled in a refrigerator and the other group warmed with a hot water bath.

I poured it into a glass. The contents are exactly the same, but it is slightly different in color as well as frothing, is it the difference in how to swing?

The taste of sweetened, sweetened coffee called "standard for canned coffee to be bought at vending machines and convenience stores" is Dydo Blend. On the other hand, the umami blend is modestly sweet, both sweet and bitter, and refreshing. Astringency and bitterns will not draw much. There is a feeling that something spreads on the back side of the upper jaw, but this may be "umami".

This feeling is more hot than cold. It may be that the fragrance and the umami are mixed and spreading. Pouring in a wide open glass, the smell of comfortable coffee spread, but it is a bit different aroma from Dydo Blend. There is a feeling that something will remain in the back of the tongue when drinking poor quality brewed coffee, but there is nothing like that, both umami and ease of drinking are compatible.

Until now, I did not use coffee pulp, but it seems that "coffee" umami "which I had not been able to bring out came out owing to using flesh as well as beans, but it seems that" Although it tells that the taste is indeed different ", it seems that people like drinking Daido Blend might say" I like the previous sweetness ". On the other hand, if you are convinced that people who have not drunk canned coffee so far, especially "Can coffee be a taste like this?", That image will be renewed. I would like you to try it once.

Incidentally, the canned "Street Fighter V Figure Collection" can be released.

There are 5 kinds of figure collections in all, and "can be placed" at the edge of the can. Although I do not think that it is not only that I am not only on one side but on the edge, not on the edge, please do not mind.

Reproduce that special technique in a "little bit" figure! Started on-cap campaign from 3/1 (Tue) with "Street fighter V figure collection" ~ "Dydeo blend umimi blend"! ~

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