I got on a sightseeing train "river ice Norocco" viewing the drift ice from the car window

In winter the northern part of Japan Sea · On the coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, drift ice comes down south and can be seen from the land, so it is one of tourist specialties. The sightseeing train that I can watch this drift ice from a slow running train is "Drift ice Norocco"is. It is also a train where policy of abolition was launched due to aging of operating equipment and problems of maintenance fee, I went for a ride to experience once.

Drift ice Norocco 2016 Driving directions

"Drift ice Norocco" is a sightseeing train that runs between Kashima Main Line, Abashiri Station and Shiretoko Shari Station, only about a month in winter. The first car is the free seat, the second car is from the second car, the fifth car is the designated seat by the observation car, and the charge can be ridden by the 840 yen ticket (freight) if the seat is free. The designated seat ticket is also 310 yen and it is considerably cheap.

There are two roundtrips of trains a day, of which, if "Abyss ice Norocco No. 1" comes out at Abashiri at 10:25, the tourist train running on Kushimonomon Line similarly across the bus "SL winter wetland" I found out that it was possible to connect, so I first decided to get on this No. 1. However, it is impossible to get on this train by departing from Tokyo or Osaka on that day, even if it is possible to get on an airplane in the morning. We stayed at near Sapporo and it was only when we headed to Masumitsu airport by plane flying at New Chitose Airport at 7:30, it would be nice to stay near the site ....

As a result of examination, it is decided to take a route to and from Shiretoko Shari, Abashiri and Shiretoko Shari in the drift ice Norocco issue. Arrived at Shiretoko Shari station at 8 am.

In front of the station there is a Shari bus terminal, actually a Sapporo night bus "EagleBut it was possible to come. However, there is no doubt that even if it was dropped in front of the station at 5:45 in the morning.

There was also a guide board of "Twinkle Bus Shiretoko" here. It is thanks to this bus that we can connect from "Norocco No. 1" to "SL winter wetland" as mentioned above.

As I entered the station building ......

Through the glass, we were able to confirm the appearance of "Flowing ice Norocco" already entering.

The start of entrance treatment is about 10 minutes before departure, and those who are at home are those heading for Abashiri by one train earlier than Norocco.

There was still time before departure, so we turned around to the parking lot adjacent to the station and we could see the train without any obstacles.

A train of 5-car train that feels even disproportionately at a small station. When locomotive is put in, it is 6 and both the car behind is protruding halfway from the home.

There was an overpass bridge on the east side of the station, so when you go up you can see the whole view of the station premises. The big building on the right side is "Hotel Grantier Shiretoko Shari-Ekimae" in front of the station.

Looking at the opposite direction from the station is like this.

Mokumoku and black smoke are rising from the passenger plane. This is inside the carDharma stoveBecause it is installed.

When I came back to the station, the way to Abashiri just started.

Eventually, as the ticket gate began, I entered the station. Cross the premise crossing bridge, to the home where the Norocco stops. Just overlook the DE 10 1660 towing the Norocco from the window of the overpass.

The passenger car is painted green.


The first car is a regular passenger car and the second seat is the designated seat with the observation car. Even so, the cracking of the paint is amazing ....

In the car, the conductor and the person in charge were checking the state of the stove.

The inside of the designated seat car is like this, the south side in the direction of travel (mountain side) is the box seat, the north side (sea side) is the seat for the window.

The free seat was an orthodox cross-seat vehicle. Although the view is better for the designated seat, there is no cushion in the seat, so if you are just comfortable, this one might be over.

This station also has "B72" and station number assigned. In the JR Hokkaido station numbering system, the alphabet indicating the route is used, and A is used in Sapporo ~ Asahikawa ~ Abashiri, so "B" is used at the station between Kushiro and Abashiri.

Before a lot of people got on board, I tried to go to car No. 5. Seat arrangement is the same as other viewing vehicles.

Just a little different from the last one.

Since the towing diesel locomotive is connected to the Abashiri side, it seems that this cab is used when going back to Shiretoko Shari from Abashiri.

There is a sales counter on the back of No. 3 car, selling souvenirs and foods and drinks.

Alcohol, soft drinks, pottery, snacks and so on are available.

Grill the potatoes on a Dharma stove and eat it OK. There are toppings, potato butter, starch dumpling and so on.

Since there is a net on the Dharma stove, it is good to put the navel directly ... ...

Because there are stuck clothes such as starch dumplings, aluminum foil was prepared near the stove.

At last the Norocco issue is on departure.

"I'm not telling you!" And a banner sent off.

Shiretoko Shari station goes backwards.

Shiretoko Shari station was a bit far from the sea, but until Abashiri is almost by the sea, you can see the sea in many sections. However, because drift ice is greatly influenced by the wind, things that should have been visible until the previous day can not be seen on the day ....

Unfortunately on this day it was an invisible day of drift ice. By the way, the bridge to drifted ice of Abashiri in 2016 was about February 22,The earliest day of baskation since observation startedThat he was ... ....

Switching my mind, I purchased "Abashiri Pudding" (330 yen) and "Okhotsk Drift ice salt cider" (200 yen) at the morning meal retail counter.

As Abashiri Pudding is limited in quantity, it can sometimes not be eaten depending on the timing, a dish with a rich egg flavor.

Cider is a cider that uses drift ice and water for use, color is Okhotsk Blue which imaged drift ice. The salt of Soya is used, salty is coming as well as sweetness. I felt "taste like broken Blue Hawaii by carbonic acid" rather than cider, being influenced by color.

The train will run through the side of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk in the meantime. ...... This picture was on display in the car. Somewhat disappointing that I can not shoot this driving situation when I get on the train.

Sometimes I saw a bridge on the way and someone who set up a camera in places where I could open a little back and forth.

One of the shooting points, "Norocco on the Hitogami River Bridge".

"Shiretoko mountains and Norocco"

"Shimafukurou Routh's side"

On the mountain side there is a place like a prairie. It was covered with iceTakefu Lake (Tofushiko).

While I was doing that, the train arrived at Kitahama Station. Because we stop at Kitahama station for about 2, 3 and 4 excluding drift ice Norocco No. 1, we can get on the observation platform at the station's home. It is one of the reasons why I decided to go back and forth in the ice logo Norocco.

"Kitahama Oshio Observatory"

Abashiri heading from now will make you look as if you are stretching towards the sea.

Looking back this way. I can not see drift ice, but saving my weather was good.

At Shiretoko Shari station I was able to approach this Kitahama station even at the last tail which stopped running out of the home. I was wearing a head mark "Flowing ice Norocco cold weather experience".

However, as the home is low against the steps of the train, there are also some senior citizens taking time off to get on and off.

After leaving Kitahama Station, the next stop will not stop until Abashiri goes to the end point. On the way, the mountain side narrowed and I pointed the camera to the owl eagle and the Steller's sea eagle sometimes, so I found the birds stopped in the trees.

However, since it runs nororo, it is "Norocco", but the birds quickly disappeared from sight, and also because it was backlighting, do not know whether it was precious oyster or not.

Huge on the sea sideNipopoWhen you see the image ...

It is almost Midway between Kitahama and Abashiri, Masaura.

The breakwaters of Abashiri Port are now visible ......

Go through the short tunnel and go to the city center at once.

It is the end point, Abashiri.

Drifting ice Norocco 2 will take off all customers here and 25 minutes later, we will return to Shiretoko Shari as Drift ice Norocco No. 1.

One of the causes of abolition of drift ice Norocco is the aging of diesel locomotives. In winter, it is mainly used for snow removal work, and the drift ice Norocco is operated using the remaining equipment, but all the diesel locomotives enrolled are manufactured in JNR and taken over to JR Hokkaido Age dated. Because maintenance costs will also be incurred, it is due to be scrapped sequentially from the end of 2015, so it seems that the equipment to be used for the Norocco operation will be lost.

By visual inspection from outside I could not tell at all whether or not it became obsolete.

A wonderful look. Rather, the damage of the passenger car seemed to be big.

Kiha 40 type came while the Norocco was absent. This train is not towards Shiretoko Shari, but it will be turning back to Ishin Kitakami Line and faraway.

Go outside the station until the train is ready. In the vicinity of the exit, the limited express okhotsk and the Norocco plarail were decorated.

The point you should keep at Abashiri station is the "Abashiri station" in a vertically written place, where you left the stairs in front of the station. It seems that it is vertically written with the thought that people who originated should not deviate in side streets only in the area known in Abashiri prison.

In addition, there are also face faces of "Abashiri Prison". this isMuseum Abashiri PrisonDonated by.

At 10:25, depart Abashiri at "Drift ice Norocco 1". It was so on the outbound route, but the train is extremely popular with group tourists. At this time, a lot of foreign tourists came.

Norocco guide obtained at Abashiri station. Where is the sight of the train window is introduced.

All sections except the Abashiri station and Shiretoko Shari station on both ends are unmanned stations where the Norocco runs. There are food stalls at Algokudo Station, Kitahama Station, Hama Koishimizu Station, and Stationary Station, which together with Abashiri station became a gourmet spot. Because drift ice Norocco No. 1 stops at each station except Primary Gardens station, it is perfect for getting to these stations. ...... However, when you get off you will have to wait about 3 hours for the next train.

Many people in the car took out the camera and photographed the landscape. It is a pity that I did not see drift ice.

Actually, such a face saddleboard is prepared in the car, but it was extremely popular with overseas people, shooting competitions were spreading around the inside of the car.

Now, in the proceeding direction on the right hand side of Dynasty Lake. The mountain seen over there is Mt.

And to the left of it (east side), a bit sharp is also chosen as one hundred Japan mountainsMountain.

In Shima-dake in the local area, it is known as the mountain, and the pair of female mountainsYabetsudakeThere is it on the north side. On the way to Shirenbouri rally, I pointed the camera to the fact that there are slightly points where Mt. Shiratake and Mt. Oshigetsu can be seen at the same time, but unfortunately the Shikibetsu mountain was hiding in the clouds on this day.

There is smoke in the car.

Enjoying the left and right seas and mountains, getting down on your feet will not stop. The topple is 400 yen for one whole. Alcohol and beer are also on sale, but the ride time is about an hour, so be careful about drinking too much.

Eventually the train arrived at Shiretoko Shari station. People drooled at home all at once. If the policy of abolition has not changed, the operation of the "drift ice Norocco" is the last of February 28, 2016. It is said that users are around 20,000 people every year, actually they ride and realized the use of group customers, but it may be that it was not the scale to continue.

· 2016/02/24 16:53 added
On February 24, 2016, JR Hokkaido announced that we will finish driving the drift ice Norocco in the current system in this fiscal year. It is only to the end that it will decide to drive a special train using a gas car for ordinary train only from next fiscal year, just as "current diesel locomotives and passenger cars are decided to finish operation".

On the operation of "Drift ice Norocco"
(PDF file)http://www.jrhokkaido.co.jp/press/2016/160224-1.pdf

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