A man who made his own biggest Rubik's cube bigger than a man

Speaking of Rubik's cube, one handy size is one of the most popular one that can be handled with both hands, but someone who has made a huge Rubik's Cube that is as big as the human's height is appearing. Actually the state that the author is playing with the huge Rubik 's cube is uploaded to YouTube with his commentary.

Tony Fisher's LARGEST RUBIK'S CUBE in the world !! 100% genuine functional 1.56m giant 3x3x3 puzzle - YouTube

Rubik's cube love felt and I made my own big Rubik's cube because of British peopleTony FisherMr. I will go to the back of the house saying "I will show you a huge Rubik's Cube!"

Tony came to the garage behind the house. In the garage there are 3 × 3 familiar cube-like objects, but it is too deckful if you look at it compared to normal Rubik's cube.

Tony puts a huge Rubik's cube on the board and pulls out from the garage with Zuzzle.

Lift the bottom of the Rubik's cube ... ....

Put it slowly on the seat. The huge Rubik's cube is 156 cm tall and weighs 100 kilograms so it looks like Tony treats it carefully. It seems that it took a couple of weeks to complete, and Tony says that he is proud to have made the world's largest Rubik's cube.

After placing it on the sheet, fine adjustment of one cube one position. As a result of cutting down "the maximum size that can be placed in the house" and "the maximum size that can be played alone", the huge Rubik's cube with a height of 156 cm has been completed, so the quality of the details seems rather rough.

Then I will hold the upper stage of the Rubik 's cube with both hands, and will turn it round and round.

Round and round

Next, turn two stages at once. While holding down the boundary between the steps with both hands, it supports the lower stage with the feet.


Tweak the position of the cube again after turning.

Lift the bottom again ...

Change the direction of the Rubik's cube.

As before, go around the upper row.

I circle the upper row and the middle row all together.

Change direction again.

Tony turns the cube round the 360 ​​degree around the Rubik's cube and prove that the huge Rubik's cube is genuine.

Finally shape it ... ....

I can prove that I can actually play with a huge Rubik's cube, Tony is satisfied.

To prove that the above movie is authentic, not synthesized, Tony also uploaded a movie taken from two directions that he is also playing with the Rubik's Cube.

New footage !!! Biggest Rubik's Cube in the world by Tony Fisher - Monster 3x3x3 twisty puzzle - YouTube

Tony uses the whole body to turn the Rubik's cube.

The giant Rubik 's cube is compared with the medium size Rubik' s cube made by Tony and the general Rubik 's cube.

The medium sized Rubik's cube is about 1 block of huge Rubik's cube block, the usual Rubik's cube is one block of medium size Rubik's cube. According to Tony, the huge Rubik's cube is 20,000 times larger than the normal size Rubik's cube.

On top of the regular size Rubik 's cube, a smaller Rubik' s cube figure was placed.

Tony has been loving Rubik 's cube since the 1980' s, announcing his own Rubik 's cube at his own site, and selling mails of his own Rubik' s cube.

Tony Fisher's Rubik's Cube Type Twisty Puzzles

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