Apple has in fact released passwords for the investigation for the past 70 times


In a California shoot incident investigation, the US Federal Court ordered Apple to "unlock the iPhone that the culprit possessed", but Apple CEO Tim Cook asked Torejectiondoing. But in the past Apple remarked in court that "if necessary you can extract the data inside the iPhone," in a trial that had released at least 70 iPhone locks between 2008 and 2015 It is obvious.

Apple Unlocked iPhones for the Feds 70 Times Before - The Daily Beast

In the state of California / San Bernardy shooting incident, a password is put on iPhone seized by the criminal, even FBI and Apple can not unlock the terminal and can not access the data and communication history in the terminal It is getting. According to investigators, the iPhone model of the criminal is iPhone 5c, the OS installed is iOS 9. Apple is being asked for investigation from the federal court but "FBI is refusing to Apple as saying" to make backdoor to avoid iPhone encryption " .

However, in the case that happened in New York in 2015, it is clear that Apple showed a completely different attitude. The case in New York has strong central nerve excitementMethamphetaminePerson who had illegally sold the item was self-defeated. In the case statement, "The iPhone that the suspect possessed carries iOS 7 and Apple can access data in the terminal" is stated. Apple has announced that it is not involved in the investigation and has not unlocked the terminal, but in fact it is possible to see the internal data on iOS 7 specifications, Apple cooperates with the investigation It is believed to be.

Furthermore, Apple is seen as cooperating with FBI's investigation for at least 70 times since 2008, although it is thought that it was unlocking the iPhone involved in the investigation, but Apple avoids mention.

It is also known that the law that FBI applies to Apple about California's shoot incident is actually about 227 years ago.

Why Is the FBI Using a 227-Year-Old Law Against Apple?

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