Headline news on February 16, 2016

"Sukiya" of beef bowl chain is "Sukiya Suzuran department store Takasaki shop" which is the first store in department store, opened on Wednesday, February 24, and "Wagyu lunch box"(1,080 yen including tax) will be released.

【Sukiya】 New launch of "Wagyu Bento" of 1,080 yen "Sukiya Suzuran Department Store Takasaki Store" 2/24 (Wed) Open | Sukiya

Suzuran department store Takasaki store is a store with a design different from the usual gratuitous house. Although some number of eat-in seats will be installed, handled items are likely to be main takeaways such as "beef bowl lunch".

Wagyu lunch box, which will be released in the new year, is "a boxed lunch with stewed meat made from Gunma prefecture with stately meat quality stewed in secret sauce and spread over rice." It seems that it is becoming a product finished in a satisfactory product to customers who use department stores, while making full use of the know-how cultivated at "Suki House" which develops the largest 1,970 stores as the beef bowl chain across Japan.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

What if Disney movie characters express love in sensual love movies? - GIGAZINE

Why is the dollar written as "$"? What became the source of the name of the world currency including "yen" is Kore - GIGAZINE

It will be like this if you make the Wi-Fi and wireless LAN radio that should not be seen be visible thoroughly with LED light - GIGAZINE

"The most disliked man on the Internet" arrested by FBI What is Hunter Moore? - GIGAZINE

Happening happened when trying to shoot a penguin with a camera set on an egg - GIGAZINE

Sweet chocolate candy "Snickers" discontinued by the end of 2013 - GIGAZINE

8 tons of cocaine can be loaded, the latest drug smuggling submarine - GIGAZINE

The team losing in the Super Bowl, the way of the phantom "Champion T-shirt" - GIGAZINE

Revealed why women are badly female for their reasons - GIGAZINE

Next-generation iPhone leaks out, cheap entry models also appear - GIGAZINE

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The painful news (No ∀ `): Hideki Kiriyama, the leading expert on" carbohydrate restricted diet ", suddenly died of heart failure 62 - Livedoor blog

Although it can not be said that it is a good smell, it is actually a favorite odor ranking: philosophy news nwk

[Good news] The splendor of hydrogen water is scientifically proved: Kini speed

Lost luck if you look at this image wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww: philosophy news nwk

"No matter how closed-room tricks it is, the police say" I have a key card "because it is just meaningless" Mr. Minoru Harada "- Invisible Dojo Honpo

CNN.co.jp: Octopus observation of octopus, male is too big to stop US Seattle Aquarium

The weight of Kong is about 32 kilometers. Meanwhile Masudako said that only about half the size of the opponent could be found, he said he was forced to cancel because he was afraid that he would become a bait for the Cong if mating.

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Japan's first! Daubeu beetle of Toba Aquarium has molted out! - YouTube

"Hobbit" is not Homo sapiens, one photograph of a French research international news: AFPBB News

A research paper saying that the small human genus Homo floresiensis (Flores primitive) was a completely different species, not Homo sapiens, also known as human beings today, was announced on 15th .

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries conduct public viewing of H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 30 launch on February 17 | sorae.jp: Portal site to the universe (Sora)

Discovering the law of turbulence generation: Breakthrough to unresolved problems over 130 years? Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Science, Faculty of Science

Launches in-vehicle SoC "R-Car D1" specialized for 3D graphics cluster | Renesas Electronics

Renesas Electronics Co., Ltd. is a new solution targeting 3D graphics, instrument cluster system, which is expected to be popular in the Instruments and Cluster field of the world's largest share, R-Car's SoC for Cluster First release of "R-Car D1" will be commercialized and sample shipment will begin today.

Development and application of "Field upward robot welding method" aiming at automation of on-site welding work | Press Release | Obayashi Corporation

This time, Obayashi Corporation develops "field upward robot welding method" to improve the earthquake resistance by eliminating the scallop, which is a structural weak point of on-site welding type by upward welding with robot, and further realizing labor saving of construction did.

Brain structure formed over 500 million years ago or NHK News

In the process of evolution, it is thought that there is a part of the cerebrum and cerebellum as the source of the cerebrum and cerebellum in the "embryo" of an organism having the primitive character which is thought to have been separated from the ancestors of human beings and the like about 500 million years ago by a physicochemical research A group such as a place has been located. The research group says that the basic structure of the human brain and other brains has been shown to be formed more than 500 million years ago.

Ripples in blood vessel walls around cancer cells NHK News

In the blood vessels near cancer cells, the University of Tokyo group has found the first time in the world that a break occurs temporarily and the special phenomenon that the wall of the blood vessel opens and closes is occurring. If we use this rift, it says that there is a possibility that it will lead to the development of a new treatment method to deliver anticancer drug directly to cancer cells.

Overeating of pregnant fish, possibility of increasing risk of child's obesity Research picture 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

According to the paper the recommended number of fish intake is three times per week. However, researchers urge attention that causality is not proved.

CNN.co.jp: Prevention of brain atrophy, middle-aged exercise decisive rice survey - (1/2)

A survey result that the lowering of exercise capacity of the middle age and the atrophy of the brain since getting older are related has been announced in the online edition of the Neuroscience Society magazine recently.

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To paragraph the parchment of parchment? Discussion on hundreds of years of tradition in UK 2 pictures International news: AFPBB News

Sea Shepard, Japan whaling boat can not find Australian Government requested 2 photos international news: AFPBB News

Captain Watson said, "The Japanese whaling ship has greatly expanded the illegal operation area in the Antarctic Ocean, which makes it very difficult to find," he said.

Democratic Party | Suspected pursuit team publishes voice that Mr. Amari's secretary's value negotiation involved

Why would Amazon destroy the retail industry that hits low wages? Mystery of HR & salary 【23】: PRESIDENT Online - President

Masayuki "We must launch more satellites" | DailyNK Japan (Daily NK Japan)

»Where is Toyota's Production Stop Problems - Economic Journalist Osamu Katayama | Osamu Katayama Official Website

[Tell me Ohmaei] Can Mr. Sue Qi satisfy the people of Myanmar? Kanaka Ohmae's Japanese Character: President Online

Who will be more vigilant than cards, Sanders? President's election report from Washington WEDGE Infinity (Wedge)

Mie Prefecture Uses Pepper for Ise Shima Summit | SOFTBANK CORP. | Group Companies | Corporate · IR | Softbank Group

Resolve parking stress! Demonstration experiment of shopping "Ginza Barrett Service" by leaving car in favorite place! | Park 24 Co., Ltd.

From 24th February (Wednesday), Park 24 Co., Ltd. will deposit the car at the specified date and time, and you can receive the car at the designated place at your preferred time when you return home, in the city We will start demonstration experiment of valet parking service in Tokyo · Ginza area.

The "Ginza Valet Service" to be started this time, if you let us know the desired date and time, staff with high driving skills will ask you to pick up the car and park in the Times parking lot in the surrounding area, We have a car to service. If you deposit and deliver your car in the Ginza area, we will respond at your preferred place.

MRJ delivered 20 machine orders from US leasing company Basic agreement 18 years delivery

Mitsubishi Aircraft announced on February 16 local time aircraft leasing company Aero Lease and the first domestic jet airliner "MRJ", with 20 seats of "MRJ 90" with manufacturer seats of 88 seats (10 final orders, optional 10 aircraft) in the same order (LoI). It announced at the Singapore Air Show which is being held from the same day. It is the first time for a basic agreement with an aircraft leasing company.

The cause of the Karuizawa ski bus accident is "Too speedy". Are you kidding? | Car critic Mitsuhiro Kunizawa

"Replace freshness because it fades away" Lawsuit to stop employment by Veloce settled ... former byte settled to women gold - lawyer dot com

President Park, President Park condemns North Korea in the National Assembly speech ... "Always change the North Korean regime" | DailyNK Japan (Daily NK Japan)

Stakeholders of Russian anti-doping agencies successive deaths NHK News

A painful news (No ∀ `): Prime Minister Abe" If GPIF management deteriorates, you can get pension benefit reduction "... House of Representatives Budget Committee - Livedoor blog

Mitsui Sumitomo ordinary deposit interest rate cut to 0.001% NHK News

"Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation", a major bank, has lowered the interest rate of ordinary deposits to 0.001%, which is on par with the past record, on 16th due to the long-term interest rate declining due to the Bank of Japan deciding to introduce negative interest rates We announced that we will withdraw.

Kawasaki-shi senior citizen home falling official arrested on suspicion of murder NHK News

Good progress of monotaro will not stop, IT infrastructure and marketing supporting six consecutive consecutive profits | Business + IT

MonotaRO (Monotaro), which handles mail order for industrial indirect materials, renewed the highest profit for the sixth consecutive term. Both sales and profits have greatly increased, and the stock price recorded a total of 7280 yen due to the full-year fiscal year ended December 2015. Let's introduce the IT and marketing efforts that support the purchasing platform of the best-selling company, Monotaro, with over 30% ROE.

The possibility that more than half a million people will die of fear of destruction in Iraq's biggest dam "Mosdam". US Army Corps of Engineers warns | Slard hardware

Appeal Instructions to Adiere Law Firms = Misrepresentation of Starting Money Exploitation? Consumer Agency - WSJ

Junior high school teacher Eleven other students close to the writer's fire NHK News

Monju decommissioning reactor cost 300 billion yen nuclear power plant, estimate in 12 years: Asahi Newspaper Digital

Convicted on the defendant of the official residence Drone Tokyo District Court: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Daisy Row, many of underwear models are "relying on pads" 1 photo International news: AFPBB News

Establishment of "fecal bank", used for treatment of intestinal infection 1 Netherlands photograph 1 international news: AFPBB News

"Because certain antibiotics destroy the bacterial flora in the intestine (soybean, microbiome), it will be possible for bacteria to proliferate and diffuse," Professor Kuiper explained. And "By fecal transplantation, good bacteria can be returned to the body, and this bacterium diffuses in the intestine after transplantation, so that a healthy bacterial flora is regenerated in the intestine"

The swimming class in Japan was more shape than time. - Telegram

Human resource management in the future is "Homerome operation"! Efforts of companies to prevent turnover in praise app | Calicone News

Pacin talks about the difference in laughter between Japan and the United States - logmy

Your "discipline" Actually is "abuse" - a lawyer teaches "borderline" - lawyer dot com

Stopped escalator and get on NHK News

Professor Shoichi Togi of Edogawa University in Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture, familiar with escalators, the width of the escalator is determined to be 1.1 meters or less by law and it is not supposed that the two pass each other, and walks like a staircase Since it is not thought that it is also considered, it is pointed out that the step is more than 20 cm and it is easy to stumble. Beyond that, Professor Doo demands that he stops without walking, grasps the handrail, and leaves the right or left for the person who is in a hurry at a department store, a station or the like is manners It is appealing that it should be revised.

Even though I protected it at Aichi Expo ... next to "Marine Forest" Solar facility: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Fireworks nationwide in the My Number system one after another discontinued East Sports Web

"Up until now, the daily pay has been paid by the company's president, and the president distributes it to the" gift "until then, although there were hardly any fireworks to declare income to government, my number I will reveal a good deal by all means because everyone dislikes it and decided "I will quit."

CNN.co.jp: Discovered with a huge diamond of 404 carats, Angola

Household survey Household consumption expenditure declined for 2 consecutive years NHK News

Consumption expenditure of the family last year was about 280,000 yen on average for one month, due to a decrease in expenditures to automobiles and personal computers, etc., as well as a decrease in purchase of clothes due to unseasonable weather, It decreased for 2 consecutive years with real excluded.

Call for attention with full-scale influenza outbreak NHK News

The number of influenza patients who visited medical institutions nationwide in the week to 7th this month is estimated to be 1.64 million, and the epidemic is getting full-fledged nationwide. The National Institute of Infectious Diseases is calling attention as "It is already around the peak of the epidemic already if it is already an epidemic, but because the beginning of the epidemic was late this season, the number of patients may increase further in the future".

Food companies compete! "Pouring spout" innovation is not just taste and quantity | dot. Dot Asahi Shimbun Publication

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Y! Mobile, Started "Pocket WiFi Student Discount" for customers under 25 years old | SOFTBANK CORP. | Group Companies | Corporate · IR | SOFTBANK Group

Everyone is a hero movie maker | au

From February 16, 2016, "Minna is a hero movie maker" that can easily make original movies with memories easily according to au's CM songs "Everyone's Hero" sung by AI will be released for a limited time only.

"Everyone is a hero movie maker" easily uploads favorite pictures according to the theme, easily making original movie (short version · full version) adapted to au's CM songs "Everybody Heroes" lyrics You can make it. Also, by sharing the creation screen of the movie, you can upload each of the photos that everyone has and collaborate to create one original movie.

Engineers such as Libsense, Translimit talks about career - logmy

A genius is a man who can keep on doing maniac
"I can program but I do not have any Seven Eleven"
Technology is to connect something with something
I do not want to talk about the useful story of young people

How do you choose a "three row seat" car? Complex "solution" which changes with lifestyle | THE PAGE (THE PAGE)

Three row seats are hard cars that technicians desperately solve puzzles desperately pushing hard. You'd better think that there is no perfect answer for everything.

【Announcement】 Look forward to it! The Minamata Hatsukoi podcast starts. - YouTube

Development of Office Chair Type Sensor Measuring Heart Rate Information Started Investigation for Realization of Next Generation Office Environment | Daikin Industries, Ltd.

I tried Milkcocoa which made it possible to implement 'real-time web notification' with just one line of code! : Uenpaku

Different "assumed quantities" in Japan and the United States produces a difference in productivity of software development - method shop blog

The development speed rises greatly! How to decide service specifications by all teams | eureka tech blog

【Sad news】 4.5P (@ yontengoP), suggesting tweets with "different personality" at the same time as declaring the end of tweet with the account, shock impacts in the middle of the night - Togetter Summary

Apple 's turnkey contract NO! Arakawa-ku subcontracting parts maker's lawsuit filed against the Tokyo District Court (1 / 2page) - Sankei news

"FFmpeg 3.0" released | OSDN Magazine

Finally comes out, "Automatic folding machine for laundry": Nikkei Business Online

Toshiba sells Hangzhou factory to withdraw completely from PC production Fujitsu entrusts production to the factory of VAIO - Sankei news

We are negotiating a sale with a Chinese company. Even after business integration, each company's brand is maintained, and Toshiba entrusts production of "Dynabook" to Fujitsu and Vaio factories. It concentrates on design and development, and it aims to suppress production cost.

Discussion of distributed programming model and design pattern - Yahoo! JAPAN Tech Blog

Setting of nginx to issue and operate certificates with Let's Encrypt - conscious low developer's blog

Summary of "USB Type-C" problem and safe use products | AndMem

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Part of the cycleware appeared in vocaloid "Snow Miku" donated to tool · Hokkaido - cyclist

Fifteen Year Anniversary "Harukanaru Toki no Naka Nakadani" Exhibition ~ Hachiha Leether Scrolls ~

A story about whether FINAL FANTASY is "F-F" or "Phi-fan" - that's it and that

In an interview called "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle Crystal Bearer" the president asked about "Called "Phi Fan"There is an item called.

Challenge shiitake cultivation! - Jajajaja's diary

Magical PreCure! First Time DVD - YouTube

Letter to Mirai ~ From the middle of this road ~ 【this volume】 - YouTube

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【Sanada Makoto】 Akechi Mitsuhide exiled in a word of an acting ana! Nobunaga · Anna Following the snow Third person 【Naare Death】 - Togetter Summary

【Super sad] Nobuhiko Matsunaka, still no test offer 【2 weeks remaining】: Nikkan Yakiniku

Supervisor of the whole team will be at its heyday: Insane @ N

Explain the change of Mercedes' exhaust pipe and exhaust pipe of 2016 F1: Video: F1 communication

Mercedes, 2016 F1 engine first ignition video: F1 communication

SEE IT FIRST! The Silver Arrows fire up for 2016 - YouTube

Casio announces official partner contract with Toro Rosso 【F1-Gate.com】

Weak worm pedal cycling team asks the meaning of participating in E cluster

Yokoya Shinshiro "Received power" with support from fans who started gait training using auxiliary equipment - cyclist

Conta Dor, who suffers from continuing active work, 1 photo set up in the professional team in 17 years International News: AFPBB News

Saito theory steals Messi and Neymar! Currently remodeling the largest weapon dribble. - Japan national football team - Number Web - number

Continuity is power - Keisuke Honda wins at Milan "Victory" named "Trust" | Football King

Serie A 25th Honda's strong left long shot! 483-day goal in Serie A !! Pre-Assist is also recorded and a big success: footballnet [Football Summary]

◆ Milan Honda ◆ San Siro at the moment when the middle was decided, the entire stadium will be called HONDA according to announcement inside the place! (Movie)

Ito "Honda is a weapon of Milan" "Baca - Honda festival Champions League appearance is approaching": footballnet [Football summary]

86: Mr. Anonymous @ I'm sorry to have you. @ (^ O ^) / 2016/02/16 (Tue) 01: 52: 09.74 ID: AnOmJTvt0.net
Well there is no doubt that it is one of the main force of the second half war
Say something like Snail or Ponkotsu
Right now it is too burning left leg or Milan's brain

◆ Small video minor ◆ Feint using Messi's referee is a topic, Muntari would have easily stopped! There is evidence!

Lionel Messi use referee to perform skill - F * cked Up - YouTube

◆ Movie little neta ◆ The topic that Messi decided on play is amazing!

Honda is not a big deal. - Yukibou's Hideout on Hatena

Significance of Suita Stadium Constructed with Donation | THE PAGE (THE PAGE)

【Overseas reaction】 Pandora's depression Overseas "Japanese are scared ..." Sapporo dome's awesome high-tech plays a topic

Uta's sister is conditioned for small tits! "Rules of the sister" rumor that selection criteria of concern and stranger than idle - Togetter Summary

J final section Closing the secret of a drama shade director "Schedule Kun" - Football: Nikkan Sports

Ssig33.com - economic conditions of Kiyohara

VIPPER me: Recommended movies that I can watch for free with Amazon prime

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
"Noodle Nippon Onomichi Ramen" (released February 29) | Nissin Food Group

"Akebon Ramen no Chigusu Soy Sauce Ramen" (released February 29) | Nissin Food Group

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