Finally we succeeded in observing the gravitational wave, complementing the space observation with light possibility that the space research could spread widely

Alberto · Einstein predicted existence "Gravitational waveIs considered an important astrophysical phenomenon leading to the observation of the birth of the black hole and the elucidation of the formation of the universe. In 2016, which marks the gravity wave as 100-year milestone when Einstein predicted existence, the American laser observatory "LIGOI succeeded in observing for the first time in the world.

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Einstein predicted that gravitational changes will occur around the heavy object when it moves intensely and its influence will be transmitted as waves. The wave transmitted at the speed of this light is the gravitational wave, and it is considered to be important information complementing the electromagnetic wave (light) which plays an important role in space observation so far.

Since the gravity wave is released at the big event that occurs in outer space, such as the moment of the black hole creation, if we can observe the gravitational wave, we expect to be able to directly observe the moment of the black hole birth that will swallow the light with powerful gravity It has been done.

Meanwhile, the laser interference type gravitational wave observatory shared by Caltech and MIT "Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO)It was announced on February 11, 2016 that the world's first observation of gravitational waves was successful.

The state of the announcement can be confirmed in the following movie.

LIGO detected gravitational waves ** Begin viewing at 27: 14 ** - YouTube

LIGO is a gigantic device that irradiates the laser in two straight tunnels of about 4 kilometers built by Dr. Kip Thorn of Caltce and Dr. Ronald Doliver of MIT, etc. When the gravitational wave passes by Measure from the interference of the laser that the length of the tunnel changes slightly.

This time LIGO succeeded in observing the gravitational waves that occurred when two black holes with 36 times of the sun and 29 times of gravity coalesced, which is about 1.3 billion light years away from the earth. It is like this when CG makes the appearance when the black hole coalesce.

Two Black Holes Merge Into One - YouTube

LIGO will reflect the laser with a mirror 4 km away.

A mechanism called Beam Splitter that detects the effect of gravitational waves by dividing the laser and comparing it with the wavelength of the laser bouncing back. However, it was the key to how to reduce noise coming from the earth (ground) itself being affected by gravity waves.

Dr. Rissi explains the technical key that solved this using a pendulum.

If you swing the pendulum slowly it can swing greatly. On the other hand, if you swing very quickly, the weight will stop and stop without being affected.

LIGO's system which eliminates the influence from the ground by moving the "weight (Beam Splitter)" by a quadruple suspension system is a technical point.

LIGO started gravity wave observation on September 12, 2015 and found that it succeeded in catching the gravity wave at 9:51 on September 14, 2015 in Eastern time in the USA just two days later. Since the waveforms of the gravitational waves observed at different places are exactly matched, it seems that it was confirmed that there was no doubt in the gravitational wave from the probability of once every 200,000 years except for the influence of the gravitational wave.

By coalescing two huge black holes, you can see how the gravity wave was released in the following predicted CG movie.

Simulation of Merger of Two Black Holes and Gravitational Radiation - YouTube

Work on verifying the data observed at LIGO by the researchers around the world will be started. LIGO plans to increase the observable range by 27 times in the next five years by tripling the accuracy of gravitational wave detection. Constructed in Gifu PrefectureKAGRAAnd EuropeanVirgoIf gravitational waves are also detected from other devices that observe gravitational waves such as gravitational waves, it will be possible to identify where the gravitational waves come from by triangulation and it can be expected that utilization of gravitational waves will expand at a stretch. I could not observe by the light so farDark matterAnd Big Bang, etc., may be solved by observation of gravitational waves.

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