When you visualize what kind of people are likely to marry with what kind of occupation from the data of the large scale survey of 3.5 million households, it becomes like this

There are many people who feel the marriage partner fatefully, but it seems that partners have been decided by "occupation" rather than fate, if the statistical data are in order. Based on the US census of 2014, data showing about which 3.5 million households were investigated and which professionals were easy to marry and truly marry in which occupation persons is released.

This Chart Shows Who Marries CEOs, Doctors, Chefs and Janitors

When accessing the above page, occupation is strangely displayed in small letters. When you move your mouse cursor over this occupation, the line of easy-to-choose occupations for partner as a partner is displayed with a line. In addition, occupations displayed on the left side are occupations with many men and women are more occupations as they go to the right.

In the case of "Truck Driver", you can see that it tends to marry with general affairs, cashier, nurse, secretary, elementary and junior high school teacher and so on. The graph written in yen shows the sex of the partner marrying with the person of the profession in proportion to female by red, the man by blue, and in the case of the truck driver, most of the marriage partners are female, In other words, you can see that there are many male occupations.

"Economist" seems to be easy to connect with general affairs, elementary and junior high school teachers, law office, secretary (assistant) and high school teacher. The blue-blue line represents men's relationship, and the red-red line represents female partnership. In other words, from the relationship chart below, you can see that there are many combinations of male economists and male secretaries, women's economists and female law officials.

In the case of "babysitter", the other party is a truck driver, assembly worker, cleaning staff.

"Diving business" seems to have "carpenters" come to the top besides truck drivers and secretaries.

The opponent of 'cashier' includes waitresses, construction workers, building cleaning workers, retail managers and so on.

"Taxi driver" seems to have many checkers, nursing care professionals, cleaning staff etc.

The companion of "nursery school / kindergarten teacher" is characterized by having "soldier" in addition to general occupation.

The "computer hardware engineer" accounts for accountants, regular nurses, elementary and junior high school teachers, and secretaries.

"People who have not taken a job in the last 5 years" are likely to be tied to truck drivers, construction workers, nurses, and the like.

"Celebrities and athletes of athletes" seems to be easy to choose against opportunities for transportation banks, financial managers and customer service representatives.

"Computer programmer" is on the top in assistant and secretary to the opponent of "material science researcher".

"Fishermen and hunters" surprisingly seem to be easy to choose against nurses, elementary and junior high school teachers, secretaries and others.

"Photographer", "why" Food Service Manager "to the top.

The jeweler's opponent is rich in variety, including nurse, retail sales, judge.

By the way, "doctor" is nurse, elementary and junior high school teacher and "lawyer" is easy to marry law professor, secretary, elementary and junior high school teacher. In the case of most occupations, the occupation of the person who chooses to become a partner seems to be reasonable, but for example, the relationship which is hard to explain, such as "female dancers are easy to select welding workers as companions", was also revealed statistically That's right.

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