Should I restrict diet in order to lose weight? Should I exercise?

ByLes Chatfield

In the worldGluten freeDiet andCarbohydrate removalWhile there are diverse diets such as diet,Lose it by exerciseThere are also methods. Actually, do you need exercise to change or you should change your meal? That's why YouTube's science channel "AsapSCIENCE"Is answering that question.

Exercise vs Diet - YouTube

It is often said that "exercise and dietary restrictions are important in order to lose weight", but in reality, which is more important? Which one should you choose if you have the option of "going to the gym" or "eating a salad"?

The people200 kcalIf you want to burn, you need 20 minutes of running, 1 hour of surfing, singing 23 songs you like. Other,Continue chewing gum for 18 hours, jump rope for 15 minutesEven though it can burn 200 calories, in any case, it is necessary to devote time to consume calories.

On the other hand, just do not eat a single chocolate bar, eliminating the need to run for 20 minutes.

Two carbonated juices are equal to 30 minutes running.

In other words, avoiding foods containing sugar, fat and calories can reduce your weight without adding extra time and effort.

In 2011, a large-scale study investigating the health condition of children found out that the physical activity of children is not an important factor to determine the weight of children. Also, in a study with 3000 adults as subjects, it turned out that it is easier to combine dietary restrictions and exercise than to do exercise alone.

Also, in a study comparing the activities of people in industrialized countries and developing countries with many obesity, people in either country have found that there is little difference in momentum, and the cause of obesity is not the presence or absence of exercise It is seen.

Of course, if you lose weight in the long term you need to combine exercise and dietary restrictions, but exercise is more of a side to delay aging and help mental health than weight reduction.

If you focus on only "reducing your weight", you should first choose diet restrictions rather than exercise.

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