"Windows 95 in your browser" which can run Windows 95 with only a web browser

A programmer appeared that enabled Windows 95 to run only with a web browser without including special plugins and software.

Windows 95 in any browser

You've got to try Windows 95 right in your browser

This was not made by Microsoft, but living in Scotland, a programmer who is studying German and languages ​​at Aberdeen UniversityAndrea FallsMade by Ms.

Generated from C / C ++ languageLLVMA compiler that outputs JavaScript when inputtingEmscripten, DOS emulator ·DOSBoxI made it possible to run on web browserEm-DOSBox (Emscripten port of DOSBox)Using Windows 95 allows you to run Windows 95 without installing a special plugin in the web browser.

According to the news site · The Next Web, the start screen looks like this. The resolution of the Windows 95 part displayed here is 1280 × 800, which is widely thought as the time when Windows 95 was active, but since The Next Web uses an environment with 3000px or more in the side, It is displayed in a bit.

In other words, it is "Windows 95 emulator running only with web browser".

According to Mr. Falls, although it is made for educational purposes, it is not for commercial purposes, but since Windows 95 is still under Microsoft's copyright management, I want you to use it at your own risk. Also, when there is a request for release stop or deletion, it means that it will be released immediately.

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