"Mass extinction" on the earth that the dinosaurs have been repeatedly exterminated many times

The dinosaurs that once prospered on Earth suddenly became extinct about 66 million years ago. At this time it is said that 70% of creatures, such as dinosaurs, chivalry dragons, ammonites, etc., ceased to extinction. Such "mass extinction" visited on the earth is not the first extinction of dinosaurs, it has occurred several times before, and there is also the possibility that the next mass extinction will occur.

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About 66 million years ago from now ......

A serious thing happened to the earth. It is said that there was a large volcanic activity ... ...

It is well known that an asteroid about the size of Manhattan Island fell on Yucatan Peninsula.

As a result, 75% of the species whose environment has undergone a drastic change and was in the world has been extinct.

Ammonites, pterosaurs, dinosaurs, chivalry dragons and other things that were extinct at this time.

However, not only dinosaurs "extinct" from the earth on this way.

In the past, animals and plants of various species such as dodo disappeared from this world ... ...

Even today, there are several species that are in danger of extinction.

As the environment changes, the seeds that had prosperous until then will decline and newly adapted species may prosper. If the cycle of environmental change is early, the number of decaying extinct species will be large. This is "mass extinction".

The history of the earth is divided into several periods, among which the dinosaurs are well known as examples of mass extinction, but in reality mass extinction has occurred several times.

For example, about 252 million years ago ......

The earth was not a figure like this, it was a big supercontinent called Pangea Continent.

It is thought that there was mass extinction at the time of formation of this supercontinent and at the time of division.

Especially at the time of formation, the activity of the volcano became active, and the greenhouse effect that the greenhouse effect gas such as carbon dioxide and methane gas in the atmosphere covered the surface of the earth occurred.

As a result of environmental change on a global scale, more than 95% of marine species have been extinct. It also had a great influence on reptiles on land, leading to the rise of dinosaurs we know well.

Mass extinction as large as the Pangea continent has not only occurred quite a long time ago. A millions of years ago there was an era called the Ice Age where ice sheets develop in the northern hemisphere.

Dramatic change in the environment on the planet ... ...

Some animals will adapt to changes in the environment.

However, the giant hyena etc. that came out in this era are already extinct.

On the other hand, monkeys who had lived on the tree until then ... ...

Partly fell to the ground ...

Somehow you will hunt bigger animals than ourselves, but some animals have survived in harmony with humans.

It is about 150,000 years ago.

Humans get fire and weapons ......

Like hunting bigger animals than ours.

However, on contemporary Earth, unilateral environmental destruction by human beings became conspicuous rather than symbiosis with animals and plants.

Humans are not adapting to changes in the environment, they have changed the environment.

It seems that the probability that extinct animals on the contemporary earth will be extinct is considerably higher than in the past.

However, human beings can also prevent mass extinction which can occur in the future by studying mass extinction in the past.

There seems to be a need to properly think about the future without considering the environmental change that is occurring around us as other people's affairs.

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