Caramel × Orange × Dense chocolate breaking through the convenience store sweep, "Fondant Chocolat Caramel & Orange" etc. Ministop Tasting Review

Mixed full-fledged caramel paste from Hokkaido and milk raw materials in Ministop's sweet "Hokkaido caramel software"Hokkaido caramel software was put on warm fondant chocolat"Fondant chocolat caramel & orange"Has appeared from Friday, January 22, 2016, so I went to eat what it is finished.

This time the flavor soft cream is "Hokkaido caramel software" stuck to Hokkaido! Start selling at Ministop at all stores from 1/22 (Friday) | Press Release | MINISTOP

Enjoy caramel × orange × thick chocolate "hot × cold" Fondant chocolat caramel & orange in winter rich sweets! Start selling at Ministop at all stores from 1/22 (Friday) | Press Release | MINISTOP

Upon arrival at Ministop, we found the new products "Hokkaido Caramel Software" and "Fondant Chocolat Caramel & Orange". I will place an order immediately.

Firstly from Hokkaido caramel software and Hokkaido caramel soft mix software. Since it is possible to select cones and cups, I chose one at a time.

Hokkaido caramel software is a soft cream that draws rich flavor with richness by combining dairy ingredients from Hokkaido into a rich caramel paste from Hokkaido.

When eating, there is a faint bitter taste and richness, and the flavor of full-fledged caramel is felt dense. I imagined sweet soft ice cream as caramel, but I feel moderately sweet and discreet and crispy.

Next I will eat Hokkaido caramel software and vanilla soft mix.

Not only is the marble pattern fun looking but also the slightly adult flavor of Hokkaido caramel software is standing out with sweet and mellow vanilla soft. The flavor of caramel is solid, but sweetness is added plus, so maybe this is better for children.

Finally to fondant chocolat caramel & orange.

What is on the top is Hokkaido caramel software, with orange sauce on top.

I can not find Fondant chocolat, but it is warm when I bring a cup, and you can see Fondant chocolat in the bottom.

So I decided to taste the soft cream and fondant chocolat as soon as I got a spoon. There is a waffle between Fondant chocolat and a soft cream, and it feels like "Suku" when piercing the spoon. I could see steam a little. You can taste cold temperature at the same time by eating together with fresh Fondant chocolat and cold soft cream against waffle 's crisp tactile sensation. It was a very elegant taste of chocolate and caramel, it was a convenience store finish that I could not think of.

Inside is like this. I am sorry that I can not see fondant chocolat, so I thought that using a transparent cup would be better.

Compatibility with hot coffee is also the best. If you have a ministop near your home, if you take this set and accompany the movie, you seem to be living a luxury.

In addition, the price of Hokkaido caramel software is 220 yen including tax, both normal and mix, both 182 kcal. In addition, the price of fondant chocolat caramel & orange is 320 yen including tax and it is 365 kcal.

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