A new finding in the novel that "Alzheimer's disease transfers from person to person"

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Studies published in the past few months, "Alzheimer's move from person to person during the treatment of certain diseases" was shown, but the research that was newly made in Switzerland and Austria has increased the truth of the hypothesis.

Alzheimer-type brain pathology may be transmitted by grafts of dura mater

More evidence emerges for 'transmissible Alzheimer's' theory: Nature News & amp; Comment

Swiss Medical WeeklyAccording to the paper published in the magazine, researchers from Zurich Medical University and Vienna Medical University have made an abnormal typePrionIt is caused by proliferation of protein calledCreutzfeldt-Jakob diseaseWhen examining the patients who died, decades before the deathDura mater5 out of 7 people who received transplant surgery from gray matter and blood vesselsAmyloid βWas created byPlaqueWas discovered. Meanwhile, among those who died of Jacob disease in the same age, no plaque was found from those who had not undergone dural transplant surgery. People who were the subject of the survey ranged from 28 to 63 years old and were considered to be early to develop plaque normally.

Amyloid β is a protein thought to cause Alzheimer's disease. Subjects who were the subject of this survey are considered to have suffered from Jakob disease by transplanting the dura mater from the corpse with prion, but in addition to that, the "seeds" of amyloid β also migrated by transplant surgery It is possible that there is a possibility.

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None of the patients who died of Jakob disease had Alzheimer's disease symptoms, but this is because Jacob disease progresses faster, Alzheimer's disease slowly progresses with age as compared to It is the view of researchers.

Research results from University College London, announced in September 2015, also received growth hormone extracted from the pituitary gland of the corpse, and the eight young people who died of Jakob disease Plaques were discovered from 4 vessels and gray matter out of them.

Researchers stressed that "Alzheimer's are not going to move from family or care by nursing care." Also, I call on not to use medicines and synthetic membranes generated from dead bodies in surgery.

The hypothesis that "Alzheimer's transfer from person to person" has not been concluded yet, and it is not necessarily that amyloid β is contained in the prepared medicines produced from corpses. Pierluigi Nicotera of the German Neurodegenerative Disease Center said, "If this hypothesis is correct,Genomic model organismWe need to conduct a systematic study using the data. "

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